Complete Cock Control

Complete Cock Control

Im going to put you in a deep hi pno tic trance, and then I am going to play with your cock. It may be HARD not to LOOK at My naked PERFECT TITS through this mesh dress. Dont look, but if you do you will just slide deeper. Using double binds, progressive muscle relaxation, imbedded trance commands, countdown deepeners you will dive down for Me. Then Im going to show you just how much control I have over you and your cock, and how fucking amazing it feels when I AM IN CONTROL of you cock. I know how WEAK, helpless and HORNY it makes you when hear and see Me SNAP My fingers, Ive implanted so many TRIGGERS in relation to the click of My fingers, that you cant help but associate that sight and sound with surges of submissive pleasure.This time, every time I click My fingers you will stroke your cock. It is very simple. One snap means one stroke. When Im not snapping My fingers youre simply listening as you hold the base of your trembling, dripping dick. Youre concentrating so hard that all My usual programming slides in nice and deep without you knowing. Captivated by My perfect body and held prisoner by My words, you can only STROKE when I SNAP, it drives you crazy, the concentration, the pleasure, and you do LOVE it when I squeeze My JUICY tits, dont you slave, but how can I snap My fingers when Im squeezing My tits, or STROKING My perfect ASS? Wouldnt you much rather I pleasure MYSELF with My fingers, instead of you, hmmmmm?! Finally after much teasing, I tell you that you can cum, but you can only STROKE when I SNAP and how many snaps are left??By the end you will know on every level that with the simple snap of My finger, I CONTROL your cock.

Contains: hi pnosis, double binds, muscle relaxation, countdown, deepener, finger snaps, imbedded commands, programming, tease and denial, cock

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Convenient Conditioning

Convenient Conditioning

Dont be distracted by the boots, and how fucking hot I look in them. This isnt really about the boots. Its about Me increasing My hold over you. I wear thigh high boots a lot. Like slaves, Im growing quite the collection. So I thought to Myself, why not use it to My advantage and your definite DISadvantage. So fyi, BOOTS wrapped around My legs have now become a signal, an indicator of My moodand your fate. Over time, as this conditioning grows so will the triggers that I am installing. Think of a dog when he sees his lead.But for now, this is a sensual seduction of your mind and body, no traditional hip nos is, but you will enter an altered state. When youre turned on you know how CONFUSED you get, how distracted you are, how easy it is to SLIP things into your mind. My experience has shown that often simply talking (manipulating, coercing, seducing, disarming etc etc) to a man when he is in a heightened state of arousal can yield the same results.So I make sure your arousal stays where I want it, for a long time you are forced to watch and listen without touching your dick, so distracted by your horny HARD cock My programming is a breeze to install, I allow you to stroke every now and then to keep the fire stoked, to keep you off-kilter, entirely absorbed, just the TIP, now grip the base, squeeze those balls. HOLD your dick and LICK My heel.After I have finished with you, your unconscious mind will know that when Im wearing boots I am feeling mean, selfish, destructive, certainly sadistic. Seeing Me wearing boots you will instantly feel incredibly submissive, aroused and weak for Me, your body will begin to flood with arousal. Because you will know that when Im wearing boots I get what I want, and what I want is your pain, your sacrifice, and your CONSTANT, aching DESIRE for Me. Of course I leave you hard, unfinished, throbbing, still firmly in My control, held there by your unmet NEED for Me, wondering just how mean I can get, and when will I next wear boots. youre really going to learn to love My boots : )

Contains: mental programming, indirect trance, brainwashing, manipulation, nlp, conditioning, JOI, tease and denial, BOOTS, feet, ass, legs,

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Madam Succumb to the Succubus

Madam Succumb to the Succubus

THE Topless POV fuck of your life! & your last : )you awaken to the sound of your own heartbeat, or at least you thought you were awake until you see the Woman. Before your conscious mind has a chance to register, She is sitting on your legs and telling you to Ssshhhhhh, youre still fast asleep, this is only a dream. She smiles slowly, youre inclined to believe what this devastatingly beautiful Woman says to you, how can She be real? BUT you can feel Her weight on your body, and you swear you can feel the heat of Her PUSSY through the bed sheets all the way to your twitching cock. She whispers sweet words which make your balls ache, She moves her body in way which makes your mind MELT. She flashes you a smile as She says every KISS from Her lips will make your body HEAVIER, and they do, youre body is soon immobile, you cant move at all. So heavy, utterly POWERLESS. She sees the FEAR in your eyes, She soothes you When My hot, wet, tight pussy slides down your hard aching dick, ALL resistance ALL fear will VANISH, you will LET GO, and and surrender. The pleasure will take over. Without knowing why or how, you know you want this, you NEED this to happen. and then you are being taken DEEP inside of Her, you still cant move, you can only lay there and scream in ecstasy inside the darkness of your mind as She grinds and WRITHES all over your hard cock. Im to going to fuck every last drop of cum out of you, Im going to keep fucking you even after youve cum, Im going to drain your balls of all CUM and your body of all LIFE you notice that you are not scared, not enough, you couldnt stop Her even if you wanted to, you have NO thoughts, just this PLEASURE, just these PERFECT breasts in your face and Her pussy gripping and pulsing around you dickyou want to cum, She says She can feel youre closeand finally, as She allows you to orgasm, She fucks you harder, sucking every last drop if life force from you give it to Me, just Let go. She cums. As the light slowly leaves your eyes and your body bucks beneath Her, your power, you pleasure, your LIFE becoming HERS.*Listen with Earphones*Contains: trance, muscle relaxation, imbedded commands, indirect hip no, deepener triggers, executrix, pov fuck, tit worship, latex, boots, tease, fantasy.

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Madam Violet – Mind Games

Madam Violet - Mind Games

I love to play with your mind, even more than your cock. Your cock is unruly and rebellious, but your mind is sweetly obedient. With just a few words I can take you down to that place, and just a few words more can have you begging, for whatever it is I wish you to beg for. I know the power I have over your mind, and welding it turns Me on. So lets play some mind games slave : )I put you into a hip no tic trance fairly quickly, getting you to perform a countdown deepener yourself – as I snap My fingers of course. When your down there, in that perfect place of pleasure and relaxation, you know when you cant move, and you don’t want you and you’re just MELTING, you LOVE it, but as soon as you’re down there I bring you back out. All the way up, all the way back into the room, back to full consciousness. As your blinded and DISORIENTATED by the world rushing in I snap My fingers and TRIGGER your mind all the way back DOWN again.

This time you DROP even deeper than before. Taking you down and then bringing you out for just a moment only to DROP you back down again is a very effective way of achieving deep, yet aware, trance. Tossing your mind around like a ball, expertly controlling and maneuvering My favorite toy.A few more times and your ready. Mind splayed, ready to be fucked. So I fuck it. Slowly at first, your watching Me tell you not to listen, you don’t need to hear what I say, as My voice whispers into your left ear. Distracting you with My perfect body, allowing you to jerk your dick, the powerful whispers slide DEEP into your mind, taking root, spreading. Don’t listen and don’t think, don’t notice the third voice coming in from the right, as you get closer to climax – the cementing of My programming. Watching My ass, My legs in those stockings. watching Me pull and twist My aroused nipples, there’s no way your consciously hearing any of this, your brain has become mush, all your is in your cock. But you are ACCEPTING it. All of it, when you play My mind games, I always win : )

Madam Violet hypnotizes you into a deep trance then brings you out of trance over and over to get you into a very deep trance so you are ready to accept her programming. After she has pulled you in and out of trance she then begins to fuck you mind and implant various triggers which you will have no idea what they are as you are concentrating too much on her face body, ass and tits while in hypnosis. She is wearing stocking and high heels in this clip.

Contains: deep hip no sis, countdown deepeners, fractionation, finger snaps, brainwashing, post h1p no tic suggestions and commands, manipulation, layered voice tracks, covert programming, binaural music.

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Madam Violet – Insidious

Madam Violet - Insidious

I am SEDUCTIVE, soft and SENSUAL. But deceptively dangerous. My words have GREAT POWER, and their effects are cumulative. At first everything feels normal, you feel the same, but then, you realize; you are totally fucked. It feels so good to be captured, bound, gagged and PROBED by Me that you don’t even know its happening. Until its far too late. As I am so clever, the induction echoes the hip no tic commands you will be receiving – a true mind-fuck. We all relate to the idea that are made up of parts. Ever been in two minds?. Focusing you on this idea naturally creates a hip no tic SPLIT in your mind – a necessary phenomena for trance plus its a way to increase depth of trance.Keeping your mind split and your conscious mind occupied, you SLIDE so far DOWN in hypnosis that you are helpless before Me.

One moment your listening, the next your aware you cannot remember a word I have just said. Insidious. When you are right where I want you and ONLY then you are permitted to get out your cock and stroke. Its a slow, tortuous build up to the release you need, you will beg, you will plead, I hope even whimper. I use the strength of My words to turn you upside down and dangle you over that EDGE and when you’re TOO FAR GONE to save yourself I attach post hip no tic commands and triggers to your impending orgasm, I make SURE you KNOW just how fucked you really are when you DO cum. We both know your twitching cock will explode with cum anyway.

Madam Violet hypnotizes you to become a slave to her. She gets you to count down until you cannot even remember what number you counted last before getting you to stroke your cock slowly as she brainwashes you with her sexy face, eyes and big tits. She is wearing a pink bra in this clip

Contains: Induction progressive/countdown/indirect. Layered tracks, bin-aural tones, some echo. Brain programming, mindfucking, post trance commands and triggers. joi, cum countdown.

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Madam Violet – Humility Not Humiliation

Madam Violet - Humility Not Humiliation

Humility, much like respect if a gift that you give to Me. I can force a man to OBEY My instructions but cannot force a man to HUMBLE himself. In order for you to achieve the state of humility – the PERFECT submissive sate – YOU need to make the decision, you need to choose it. Humility is not to be confused with humiliation, one diminishes the other elevates.

To be humble as a submissive is to be in a state of GRACE which will encourage you to GROW, it will enrich your mental landscape, it will strengthen your heart and it will DEEPEN our connection.Like right now, you are very privilege to be before ME, arent you, to feel like Im talking directly to you, connecting with you, and I am. I don’t want you to ever forget how FORTUNATE you are to have found Me, how LUCKY you are to be able to worship a body like Mine, to be in the presence of such Natural Female Power.

So to keep you HUMBLE, to keep you aware of the difference between us, I will allow you to cum for this beautiful body, but you must EAT your CUM. As much, or as little as you like. This is NOT about humiliation, I am not trying to get you to do something disgusting so I can laugh at you, this is an act of intimacy, of trust. Your cum is your humility and gratitude made manifest. To do this for me shows that you are committed to Me, or at the very least to the TRUE experience of being submissive.This session builds upon the mp3 version but is perfectly awesome on its own.

Soft, slow, gentle, MENTAL SEDUCTION, a MIND MELTINGLY HOT body wrapped in fishnet, My encouraging smile, piles of imbedded commands and re-programming. Reminding your MIND and COCK of what it means to be submissive, what is means to be HUMBLE, youll do it for Me wont you slave : )

Madam Violet hynotize’s you to become her humble slave by stroking your cock and listening to her words, But to show you are humble you must eat our cum, Only a small amount if need be but enough to show your devotion. She is wearing a fishnet dress and stockings in this clip.

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Madam Violet – Humility Not Humiliation.mp4

Madam Violet – Addicted To Me Deliciously

Madam Violet - Addicted To Me Deliciously

Station 6 focuses on Addiction. It need not be said that you are addicted to Me, but I will say it anyway as I like to taunt you and it reinforces your addiction even more. Win win : )Listen with earphones as this session contains a special effect; the hip no tic beat of your heart, slowing down as you enter trance and then speeding up as you cum for Me. It is a very seductive way of eliciting the effect I want – your body and brain chemistry in the palm of My hand : )Given explicit orders to caress your cock slowly and gently, I anchor this repetitive act of stroking to your ever deepening trance.

I blend hip no tic language, cues and in-beds with pure truth, to confuse you deeper. Triggers to pull you down and flood you with pleasure. Addiction is so very similar to trance, all it takes is the gentle push of one small domino to begin an unstoppable chain reaction. Deeper and deeper you fall, the deeper into your addiction you go the more POWERFUL your trance, and the DEEPER your trance the more powerful your addiction. A TRAP, of course. But you have no thoughts so it does not matter anyway.Believe Me when I tell you I have created measurable physical changes to your brain, creating a dependence on Me and lack of critical thinking, and My words and BODY force your brain to EJACULATE so many feel good chemicals that you are now a full blown junkie.

For Me. This is an addiction you cannot beat, I am infused into the very cells of your brain!I am DANGER in Female form, you KNEW it but you took the first taste anyway, because you WANT to be consumed with COMPULSION, you want to be a SLAVE to your addiction, a slave to Me. As your heartbeat slowly picks up speed you get closer to your orgasm. So close now, as I tell you that your body will be incapable of orgasm unless you FULLY accept that you are addicted to ME, consumed by ME, on cue, like the good boy you are, more of your brain slides out the end of your twitching cock, and the remainder is left dazed, confused and even more addicted than before.

Madam Violet hypnosis’s you to become her addicted trance junkie while showing of the curves of her body, sexy cleavage, face and ass while wearing a pink fishnet style dress.

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Madam Violet – Addicted To Me Deliciously.mp4

Madam Violet – Topless Tit Tease

Madam Violet - Topless Tit Tease

It is what it is. The EASIEST way to increase My minion collection : ) All heterosexual men love breasts, but you LOVE breasts. Voluptuous, mesmerising breasts that fuck with your mind as much as your body. You cannot get enough. Pink lips, pink sheer bra and panties, black neglige over the top, so beautiful and bewitching…I am all you NEED. I seductively and softly tease you, asking if you want to see more of My beautiful breasts…of course you do…no stroking though, not yet. Sit on your hands if you must, but you will WATCH as I play with My big tits, as I caress My perfect, hard nipples…so close to the camera you could almost reach out and lick…or suck…does it hurt to know you will NEVER get the chance…? I hope so. After plenty of tormenting and stroking – of My breasts, not your cock, after My words wrap around your mind, blotting out all else expect ME… I will allow you to cum…but you’ve only got FIVE seconds slave…a slow five second countdown as I squeeze and stroke MY tits, twist My nipples…mmmmmm….so easy to control you, so easy to reduce you to nothing but a dribbling wreck…cum for My beautiful breasts slave, and know your place is forever at My feet.

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Madam Violet – [un]conscious conditioning

Madam Violet - [un]conscious conditioning

Dear slave, your mind is where your powers residesbut since I have taken up residence, since I have taken control of the very ESSENCE of your power all of your impulses, desires, compulsions and pleasures are triggered by Me via the continued CONDITIONING your is receiving. A deep bond exists between your and I, we are very, very trusts soon as I tap into your obediently opens itself WIDE for wide, that I can take you so very deep.. So come slave.relax and listen, drift into a deep mindless tranceyour absorbing everything as your conscious mind drifts I snap My fingers you drop, as you stroke your cock you slidedown..and down into that special placeunder My thrall, pinned to the spot by My eyes.its almost as though My gaze is a physical thingas it touches you deep insidepushing you down..slowly, achingly drawing you inforever My pet.under My gaze is where you belong.Listen using earphones as this track contains binaural beats.Contains: binaural beats, echoes, layered voice tracks, mesmerising visuals, mind control, brainwashing, conditioning, re-programming, countdown, finger snaps, triggers, cum countdown.

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Madam Violet – Obedience is Pleasure

Madam Violet - Obedience is Pleasure

This is the first of a very powerful series of files that will solidify the programming you received during the audio 10 Stations of Servitude. This file is still suitable for those who have not trained with the mp3s yet – but I DO recommend you do this the correct way.As you should know by now OBEDIENCE IS PLEASURE. Listen to Me, do as I say and you will get to experience deep pleasure, as long as you demonstrate flawless obedience, which you will.This is genuine hip n0sis with a full induction, continually deepening your trance with triggers to SLEEP, and those oh so sweet finger snaps which send bolts of pleasure through your body into your dick. A countdown deepener, with lots of reinforcement of that basic fact that you are SUCH an obedient slave, you are compelled to obey Me. I have made you that way.Once I have expertly opened your mind and it is SPREAD out before Me, I enter. Reinforcing your most basic requirement – complete obedience, adding visual anchors to the programming you have already received. I allow you to begin stroking your cock. But you must follow precise instructions, demonstrate your obedience. Add you STROKE and SLIDE, your obedience to Me naturally grows, the pleasure that you feel powerfully SWELLS, obedience is pleasure *SNAP*. I make you stop and start, all the while My words settle like deep snow in your mind, you will do whatever I say, even though that scares youyou cannot resist, you were born to OBEY, stroke your cock and say Yes, Goddess. LOUDER! I take you to the very brink, but you will not cum until triggered to do so, Yes slave, OBEDIENCE is PLEASURE, wait for your trigger, My PERFECT breasts, not yet slave, wait until My breasts are fully naked, and you are fully triggered, nearly there, so close, one glance of My naked tits and you will be COMPELLED to CUM, Good boy! Now say it again Obedience is Pleasure.

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Madam Violet – Pussy Whipped

Madam Violet - Pussy Whipped

Intimate Stealth Hypn0s1$. If the world turned on its head and I was your girlfriend THIS is what your life would be like. We’ve just woken up and I tell you of an incredibly arousing dream I had – where I had been putting you in trance every day since we met – and you didn’t even know it. I make you do all the housework, cook dinner for Me and My friends, spend all your money on Me, make you late for important meetings just so you can rub My feet…you’re basically My bitch!! The idea intrigues you and so we decide to see if I can hypnot1$e you for real….Of course I can. Feigning inexperience I take you down into a deep, sleepy, relaxed trance trust Me.. after all I’m your girlfriend, have been for 18 months…it’s safe to let go for Me babes…just let…go…When you do…of course I tell you that there was no dream,…that in fact I DO put you in trance VERY morning before work…that you have been My unwitting sex/money/housework slave this WHOLE time…but that you must LOVE it really as you’re so obedient…there’s no resistance and you NEVER question why you are so pussy whipped…so under the thumb…I make sure you understand that you, My sweet baby, are My prisoner….a willing victim…and that our arrangement will never end…because we both know that you are DEEPLY submissive…you don’t care that all your friends make fun of you…you KNOW how lucky you are to have ME. I make sure you won’t remember the session as I do all the others…and then I allow you to stroke your cock…whilst implanting the memory of the BEST blow job from your super HOT girlfriend…and then…before you leave for work…you get to the REAL work, worshipping My pussy…**This is not a ‘fetish clip’ as such, this is REAL trance. Hence the length and price of the clip**Contains: Full induction, deepeners, finger snaps, girlfriend role play, lingerie, breasts, post trance suggestions/triggers, cum countdown

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Madam Violet – Dangerously Dependant cock Training

Madam Violet - Dangerously Dependant cock Training

Weve established that I own your cock; its simply so much happier, more content in My possession. But there are so many ways to compound this fact, to elicit feelings, reactions, chemical, physiological and psychological chain reactionsto really make you live the experience, to feel and know profoundly that your stunning diabolical Goddess owns and controls your cockThis training session will make sure your cock needs Me. Sounds innocent enough, but NEED is a powerful emotion, NEED comes from a place of weakness, need takes away your power, your control, and gives it to Me. An addiction is with you for life. I use a classic, traditional induction and deepening techniques, not unlike what I would use for My vanilla clients, but with a very dark twist. I do so love contrast. Sit back, relax, and watch My swinging pendant. Watch as it glints and gleams and swings back and forth, getting sleepier and sleepier, using anchors and triggers to take you down even more, and then down those familiar stairs, all the way down to the very bottom. Then like I said, your dick is about to gain a very unhealthy dependance on Me. It will NEED Me only Me. I will programme you to know that I do not share. When your mind is wide open like that, and you are firmly in My clutches.eyes glazed as you lose yourself in My body, stroking mindlessly, deliciously. All the programming just slides right in, it is so easy. Disarm you with My body, and undo you with My voice, with My words I am manipulating the actual physical wiring in, your brain this is REAL. I really shouldnt be allowed to fuck with mens minds like this. I am far too powerful. Contains Eye fixation induction, deepeners, finger snaps, anchors, triggers, suggestions, nlp, breast worship, holdups, cum countdown, binaural tones

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Madam Violet – Nipple Eye Fixation

Madam Violet - Nipple Eye Fixation

This clip has been created to play on a loop….take as long as you need to go as deep as you want. Make sure you listen to this using headphones, there are three layered voice tracks, I have you completely surrounded….My erect nipple will make you weak…the binaural tones open up your subconscious creating theta brainwaves …before you know it you will be all submissive and suggestible…the sensation of pleasure and the sound of My voice becoming inextricably linked in your mind….literally re-wiring your brain….you are My Pavolv’s ….. Eye fixation is a common induction technique, luckily for you I love My beautiful breasts to get the attention and worship they deserve, My gold nipple piercing makes them so deliciously sensitive….simply allow your eyes to rest on My nipple in a gentle, easy way….and listen to My voice as you’re guided deeper into pleasure…deeper into obedience…deeper under My control…I want you to worship My perfect, jewelled nipple as you cum for Me slave…..

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Madam Violet – My Brainwashed Stroke Junkie

Madam Violet - My Brainwashed Stroke Junkie

We both know just how much you love to stroke your cock – I love it too, when you stroke for ME. That is what you’re going to do…you will stroke as you watch Me tease you with My perfect body…watching and stroking, doing what you do best….Whilst My body is arousing you, My words will be re-forming you….listen watch and stroke as I tell how, right now, every single stroke is literally changing the shape of your brain…creating new neural connections and pathways…with every word, and every stroke I am turning you into My ADDICTED stroke junkie…as I tell you what is happening…I relentlessly fuck with your mind in the background….implanting so many triggers and commands and suggestions…My voice echoing all around, confusing your brain, hardening your cock….turning you into My very own pavlov’s …incapable of conscious thought choice, instead controlled entirely by your impulses, controlled entirely by the powerful triggers I am making in your mind…a true physiological transformation….and you thought having a wank was harmless…Ha! Stroking DEEPENS the addiction. Jerking for Me is your way, your truth, your life. Good boy : )Contains: ass worship, leg worship, tease and denial, joi, cum countdown, layered voice tracks, echoes, subliminal messages, programming and triggers, finger snaps.

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Madam Violet – Subversive Strip

Madam Violet - Subversive Strip

There are a LOT of clips containing women, hypnosis and stripping. Women portrayed as vulnerable and weak, hypnotised by a man and ‘forced’ to strip…Gross. THIS is the way stripping was meant to be used. As a weapon of mass destruction. When I have you in a trance I provide your brain with the triggers and commands it so desperately CRAVES; Every time I drop an item of clothing on the floor your trance will deepen and your cock will harden. Consider every discarded piece of clothing as a another chunk of your SELF CONTROL, mourn the LOSS as another part of your your brain is irreparably FRIED, and ACCEPT your fate as another nail in your coffin is driven home. As I become more naked, you become more EXPOSED. You are weak in the face of My beauty, My strength, My sexual power…. Keep STROKING, why would you ever stop when it feels so fucking good…you are UTTERLY mesmerised, RIPE for a mind raping…I love to remind you how this addiction you have to Me makes you so vulnerable…and more importantly this is exactly how I want you….vulnerable… This is a slow seductive strip, firstly because I LOVE to keep you waiting, secondly because it combines hypnosis and NLP. I want My commands to stick, to genuinely change the wiring in your brain… To do that takes finesse, skill and precision, brainwashing is a slow seduction, a process. Stroke your cock and cum when/if I command, but don’t for one SECOND think this is about you knocking one out. It’s about ME. I am NOT playing games, I am performing brain surgery… Don’t be scared…you KNOW it’s going to feel SO GOOD. Contains Indirect induction, rapid induction, finger snaps, tease and denial, stripping, cum countdown, brainwashing, hypnotic triggers/commands/suggestions/binds. NLP. And of course naked breasts, ass, legs, heels, stockings….the list of awesomeness is endless….

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