Meana Wolf – Room for Desert

Meana Wolf - Room for Desert

You’ve been eyeing me up on the train every morning. We get off on the same stop. We sort of have the same little ritual every day. You smile at me…I smile back. We both have known there was an attraction there for some time, but neither of us knew what to do. Dating can be so confusing…it’s so hard to put yourself out there and the fear of rejection is always looming. But one day you said “Hello”. I was stunned. I had been waiting to see if you would ever get the courage to talk to me. I smiled and said “Hello” back. But then you did something unexpected…you asked me out on a date. I of course said yes…now here we are. You just treated me to a fantastic dinner. We had amazing conversation…great laughs…the chemistry is all there. So I hoped you saved some room for dessert, if you know what I mean…but I guess I should be honest with you. See I’m not really looking for a boyfriend right now. Not at all…in fact I find men to be completely useless in all things. They lack any kind of spirit or personality. So why did I agree to go on a date with you? haha Well because I DO need a man for one thing. I need him to be my toilet. You’re going to be my new toilet slave and eat everything that I eat. Starting with that lovely dinner you just bought me. Like I said…hope you saved room for dessert.

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Meana Wolf – Goddess Piss

Meana Wolf - Goddess Piss

Hello slave. Are you thirsty? You look very thirsty. Well lucky for you that I have something very refreshing for you to drink. I know you worship me. You worship my goddess body. You worship My goddess ass… and my Goddess Pussy! You would do anything for me… wouldn’t you? I made this drink special for you. I call it my Golden Nectar. Kneel before me and bask in my glory. You will love my taste and you will delight in every drop. When I shower my goddess juice upon you you will become intoxicated as if sipping the finest champagne. You said you’d do anything for me. And I want you to drink from me. Imagine how devine it will taste. I know you want to taste it. And if you spill a single drop of my perfect juice I will tax you. You’ll have to tribute me if you can’t drink it all. Not that I imagine that you’ll be spilling any of it will you? Stick it out your tongue you little freak. You disgusting little fuck. You love it don’t you? How does it taste?

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