Mistress T – Fetish Fuckery – A Slow Sensual Release

Mistress T - Fetish Fuckery - A Slow Sensual Release

SALE PRICE! Get comfortable and savor my softer side as I guide you in this sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. A naturally Dominant women doesn’t always have to be strict. You’ll happily find yourself seduced and wanting to do whatever I tell you to. You’re addicted to me already anyway. My velvety voice….my beautiful face…my body…heaven.


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Mistress T – Fetish Fuckery – Cum Eater Encouragement

Mistress T - Fetish Fuckery - Cum Eater Encouragement

Custom vid for Simon & I use his name throughout the vid. Sensually Dominant & sensually humiliating cum eating instruction scene where I show you how to get your legs up over your head so you can cum on your own face for me. Includes a cum countdown. Lots & lots of ass views/teasing. Great for ass lovers!


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Mistress T – Worship Fine Stockings

Mistress T - Worship Fine Stockings

If you have a fetish for luxurious fully fashioned stockings this will be a rare treat! These are the most authentic, high quality vintage stockings in the world. Worship my perfect feet & legs encased in these ultra-sheer nylons.


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Goddess Alexandra Snow and Mistress T – Dual Demonesses

Goddess Alexandra Snow and Mistress T - Dual Demonesses

Featuring Mistress T! You find yourself at the mercy of two beautiful women, whom you followed “home” so easily. It was a stupid move and your runs cold as you see their demeanor begin to change. Slowly their predatory sexual desires begin to show and you realize that these are not humans. These are cruel succubus demons whose only desire is to steal yours. As they touch and tease you, the arousal in your loins grows and grows. You can barely breathe as your erection throbs. They force you to stroke it and laugh as they tell you that the moment you cum, they will drain you of your vitality. Some men , some don’t.


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Mistress T – Alien Take Over Sperm Collection

Mistress T - Alien Take Over Sperm Collection

We’re more intelligent beings & we’re taking over your beautiful planet. You stupid, greedy humans are doing such a horrible job with it you don’t deserve it. Pollution, war, cruelty…your air, water, plants & animals all being destroyed. This ends now. We will take care of your planets resources but we need some of your abilities to survive on your planet, to be able to breath the air, etc. So we are collecting your sperm to create a hybrid with your species & ours, taking the traits we need, like your lungs, for our survival. We are a female led species so will keep most of the females alive on your planet. The only men that will be kept alive will be those who can produce the most valuable sperm. So stroke like your life depends on it stupid human male & hope that your load is impressive enough to save your life.

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Mistress T & Goddess Alexandra Snow – Erotic Assasins Breast Smother Ending

Mistress T & Goddess Alexandra Snow - Erotic Assasins Breast Smother Ending

As you come to…groggily…you realize you’re unable to move. As terrified as you are, you find yourself extremely aroused. It’s like you’ve been given something like Spanish Fly? Beautiful Assassins are going to milk their ‘trophy’ out of you while taking your breath away…creating a scene that mimics Auto-erotic Asphyxiation to cover their tracks…

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Tantalizing Makeout with Mistress T

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Tantalizing Makeout with Mistress T

Ready for the fireworks? I know how much you all love my makeout videos, so get ready for this amazing gem. It’s myself and the glorious Mistress T in non-stop lip-locking, tongue-sucking, spit swapping sapphic makeout bliss. It’s so incredibly hot that you’ll be blowing your load in a matter of moments.. lots of close-ups and plenty of sensual dialogue.

Will you imagine you’re right there in the room with us?

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Mistress T – Prison Bitch Interrogation

Mistress T - Prison Bitch Interrogation

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You have been caught masturbating in front of a woman (non-consensual). Under the new legislation sex offenders are treated much more harshly. You are chained naked to a chair getting interrogated by a sexy, Dominant woman… & you’re scared shi++less. You’re going to prison for sure but she wants you to further confess to intending to r@pe the woman, which will mean life in prison instead of a few years for indecent exposure. She graphically describes what life will be like for a little white boy like you in prison. How you’ll be sodomized repeatedly by the other prisoners & guards. How you’ll be made to suck cock, lick man ass & be a toilet. She tells you that if you confess to the greater crime she’ll put in a good word for you with the warden. You might get leniency, maybe your own cell so you get a break from the abuse. But if you continue to resist confessing on record the two mean, burly guards outside that door will come in & beat a confession out of you anyway. At the end she further twists the knife by stripping down & showing you her beautiful body, saying that you’ll never know the warmth of a woman again, that you’ll never touch or taste or smell a woman ever again. The only sex you’ll have from now on is with men as their prison bitch… & this is what happens to sex offender creeps who disrespect, objectify & violate women.

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Mistress T – Boobs Or Ass JOI Challenge

Mistress T - Boobs Or Ass JOI Challenge

This is a custom vid for “Richard” & I use his name several times. Richard is a small-dicked virgin who likes to be humiliated…he also loves my ass in a thong AND seeing boobs jiggle & bounce under a loose shirt. I tease & play a game where I jiggle & bounce while you stroke vigorously BUT you’re not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Are you up for the challenge?

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Latex Face Sitting

Don’t Mistress T and I look jaw-dropping in these latex outfits? Can you feel the drool on your chin as you imagine us above you, asses so close to your face, descending down onto you? Poor little slave wants to worship these beautiful asses so much but forgets that to be smothered with an ass in latex is to have absolutely no air at all… will we let you breathe? Or will your final moments be spent in awe of the perfect latex-clad asses? Will you be allowed to cum as you struggle to find a breath?Ass worship + smothering + latex… oh yes!

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Mistress T – Trade Spanking For Ballbusting

Mistress T – Trade Spanking For Ballbusting

So, you want to give me a hard time for not ironing my uniform? Ha! You pervert, you’re just looking for an excuse to give me a spanking. I’m not that stupid. I don’t mind a little slap on the ass actually, I’m not so innocent but if you get what you want then I get what I want. For each slap on my perfect round ass I get to kick you in the nuts! Tit for tat. So go ahead and enjoy spanking me perv, cuz you’re going to be in a world of hurt when it’s my turn.

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