Natasha’s Bedroom – CEI Prelude

Natasha's bedroom - CEI Prelude

This session is a perfect preface to my CEI clips. Instead of diving right in and eating a big load, today will be all about warming you up with a long foreplay session. You’ll be edging long and hard for me, as I playfully strip out of my tank top and pajama shorts, revealing my sexy thong and beautiful breasts hiding underneath.

Guided by my sweet voice and teasingly hot descriptions of cum play, you’ll practice assuming the position, taking little tastes of precum, and even cumming on your own face, with a little safety net to ensure that no more than a few drops land on your eager tongue. You’ll be desperately craving your seed by the end, but you won’t be allowed to enjoy any more than a tiny taste. Hungering for the whole cummy meal but denied from gulping down the rest, I’ll leave you wanting it more than ever before.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Playful Humiliation

Natasha's Bedroom - Playful Humiliation

I have such a devious, playful mind. And an undeniably pretty face, especially when it breaks out into a big smile. It’s a combination that’s nearly impossible for a humiliation junkie like you to resist, isn’t it?

I’m not going to be cruel today; I just want to be entertained by my good little pet. For the next half hour, you’ll be completing whatever humiliation tasks pop into my mind. This clip is totally unscripted – it’s all about whatever I want in the moment, and it’s easy to see that I’m genuinely having fun playing with you.

Make me smile. Make me laugh. Sure the tasks I come up with are degrading, but good subs must learn to take pride in sacrificing their dignity for my pleasure. Are you ready to be good for me?


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Shemale Lover Trance

Natasha's Bedroom - Shemale Lover Trance

Hot sexy shemales. The attraction you feel to those beautiful girls with their equally beautiful cocks is unlike any other kind of attraction. It’s not gay, and it’s not straight — it’s its own special, unique eroticism.

It’s time to deepen your shemale addiction and heighten your arousal response through the power of . Entranced, you’ll learn how to adore and serve shemale cock. To enjoy their hot lingerie — those stockings, panties, and garters — and even try wearing some yourself. It’s easy to find yourself obsessed with those pretty girls, with their soft curves and sweet cocks, especially when I’m whispering in your ear, leading you forward. It’s more than an obsession; it’s your destiny.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Gape for me

Natasha's Bedroom - Gape for me

I just love training that asshole, that boy pussy, of yours. Do you know what the best part is? Stretching you out until you gape wide for me. So that’s what today’s session is all about: making your asshole gape as wide as it can go. We’ll start out slow, using just your fingers to coax that little hole open, and then we’ll go bigger and bigger. You’ll stand in front of a mirror for me, cheeks spread, and watch your asshole gape wider and wider with each training task. Show me how much you can stretch out that boy pussy, my good boy…


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Tricked Into Cock Addiction

Natasha's Bedroom - Tricked Into Cock Addiction

Do you know what turns me on? Watching you stroke for the kind of hot, hard cocks that I love to fuck in real life as I tell you all about my fantasies. It’s not gay if you’re just stroking for my fantasies, even if they include you sucking off those massive throbbing cocks. And it’s not gay to imagine licking their cum out of my pussy…after all, *I’m* the one you’re attracted to, right?

But once you’re horny and close to the brink, as I’m playing with your mind and manipulating your desires, the thought of sucking cock starts to sound hotter and hotter. When you finally blow your load while staring at cock, you can’t help yourself from wanting, from needing, more and more.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Pussy Aversion Trance

Natasha's Bedroom - Pussy Aversion Trance

I’ve trained you to love and crave cock, but that’s not all it takes. To become fully gay, you must stop craving pussy. You must cease to desire the soft curves of a woman’s body, to become repulsed by the sweet hole hiding under our panties.

Let your mind go as I lead you down a path of relaxation and surrender. Under my sweet control and powerful triggers, your desire for pussy will transform into disgust. Your hunger for cock will intensify uncontrollably. The binaural tones and reverberating whispers wash through your inert mind as I skillfully excise those useless hetero compulsions.

You’re not going to be bi for me any longer. You are gay now. And it’s not because my brainwashing has fundamentally changed your sexuality; I’m simply bringing out the truth hiding within.

Big Dicks, brainwashing, Cock Worship, Gay, Hyp-Meditation, Mental Domination, mind control, Mind Fuck, Pussy, Sensual Domination

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Painful Predicament

Natashas Bedroom - Painful Predicament

Get ready for a marathon of pain. What will I have you do to that hard cock and tender balls? How many orgasms will I make you ruin along the way? It’s a mystery. Once I’ve worked you up into a helplessly horny state, I’ll slowly reveal my ball aching, cock torturing plan, using my whims to improvise along the way. The hornier you get, the more I’ll make you hurt. That I can promise.

You can tap out at any point along the way. But if you’re a good boy, you just might be allowed to cum once we reach the finish line–and isn’t that orgasmic bliss, made so much more intense by nearly a half hour of torture, worth any price?


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Faggot Brainwash

Natasha's Bedroom - Faggot Brainwash

There’s a deep fundamental truth about yourself that you’ve been working so hard to deny. You are a faggot. You want cock. You *need* it. Those throbbing pieces of meat, the way a big cock strains against your flesh as it pushes open your lips, then your throat, and deeper still. The incomparable rush of pleasure as a huge dick, dripping with precum feels as it presses against and into–dare I say it?–your eager, receptive asshole.

Why are you holding back? Why are you denying your inherent nature, refusing those desires that have the capacity to bring you so much pleasure?

It’s not your choice any longer. Your psyche is in my hands now. Listen to the sound of my voice and follow my breathing instructions as I slowly lead you down. I’ll bring you under, step by step, reaching into your reluctant subconscious and deftly prying it open. You’ll try to resist my induction, but you’re no match for me.

Once you’re entranced, your mind and its desires will become my playground. I’ll implant triggers that will make it impossible to resist those taboo sexual urges. You are gay. You are a faggot. I’ll leave no space in your mind for refusal. Give in. Let go. It feels better than you can imagine.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – Cum Like A Girl

Natasha's Bedroom - Cum Like A Girl

Tell me, my sweet sissy girl, how do you masturbate? Do you jerk and stroke your dick? That’s how boys get off, not sissies like you! You don’t really have a cock, just a little sissy clitty, so you it’s about time I teach you how to cum like a real girl.

No more jerking with your hand. You’re going to be using a vibrator on your clit, just like the rest of us girls do. Put on a soft, silky pair of panties and enjoy the feeling of your clit twitching under your panties as that vibrator makes your body shake with pleasure. From now on, you’ll be cumming like the girl you truly are.

In this scene Natasha’s starts by encouraging all the the sissys to stop jerking and play with an Hitachi, next she starts using hitachi and teaching how to use it, finishing this with an orgasm.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – CBT Marathon: A Game Of Pain

Natasha's Bedroom - CBT Marathon: A Game Of Pain

I’ve held you in chastity for a full year, and now I’m going to give you a reward. You have one chance – and only one chance – to orgasm. But you’re going to have to earn it, and it won’t be easy. You risk a ruined orgasm if your sensitive, stimulation deprived dick cums too soon, and you’ll be put right back into your cock cage if you fail to follow my orders exactly. I’ll start with some edging and teasing that will drive you into horny desperation and leave you powerless – and then the real fun will start. You’ll perform painful, ballbusting tasks for me, impact play, rope torture, squeezing, punching…as I slowly strip and edge you dangerously close to orgasm. Each task will be harder and more painful than the last, but you want to cum so badly that you’ll have no choice but to comply. Will you make it all the way through? Can you handle the ball-destroying cost of orgasm?

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Extreme Cum Play

Natasha's Bedroom - Extreme Cum Play

20 saved loads of yummy cum, a big buttplug, and my twisted imagination. Are you drooling already, my little cumeater? I know I am. This clip is going to get more than dirty — absolutely filthy in the best possible way — with endless amounts of cum guzzling, jizz coated, anal fun. I’ll leave the rest a surprise, but, needless to say, your entire body will be drenched in and filled with hot sticky cream by the time that final loads shoots out of your cock and into your mouth

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Luck Of The Draw

Natashas Bedroom - Luck Of The Draw

Four turns. Four chances to cum. Four possible outcomes with each turn. Anything’s possible in this totally unrigged JOI game. You might be denied and ruined at each turn, or perhaps you’ll be coercing out orgasm after orgasm until your cock aches. Will the odds be in your favor today? My sexy teasing in this skimpy purple bikini and sky high platform heels will keep you rock hard and begging to cum each step of the way. You’ll stay on your toes with my varied edging and stroking paces, never knowing when the next countdown will begin. Get ready, and good luck…

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Natasha’s Bedroom – No Shame Submission

Natasha's Bedroom - No Shame Submission

When your cock is hard, all you can think about is jerking for femdom videos. But after you orgasm, you’re suddenly ashamed of your submissive preferences. You wish you could be an alpha male, that you’d fantasize about fucking hot girls rather than kneeling at their feet.It’s time for you to release those feelings of shame about your sexual preferences. It’s time for you to give in to what you love and fully embrace it. Start stroking for me, and let go of all that nagging resistance in the back of your mind. Today you’re going to cum hard for me, without an ounce of shame.

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Sensory Overload CEI

Natasha's Bedroom - Sensory Overload CEI

It’s great for beginners and advanced cum lovers alike. Want to see how much messy, creamy fun you can have with just one fresh load? Then this clip is for you.
This CEI session is intense. It’s all about overwhelming your senses, enjoying, savoring, and playing with every single drop of your load. We’ll start out by plugging up your ass with the biggest butt plug you can take. Having your ass stuffed and stretched tight will make the whole experience even more intense. You’ll be edging several times before I have you cum for me — we have to make sure that you have a nice, big load to enjoy — but the real fun will begin after you orgasm. Nearly half of this video is dedicated to my creative, detailed cum play and cum eating instructions.
It’s going to get messy. You’ll gargle and drool cum for me. You’ll tease your tastebuds by taking that jizz into your mouth and spitting it back out. You’ll have cum all over your face and body, and even more coating your tongue and filling your stomach, by the time we’re finished. You hadn’t realized just how much you love your own cream, how absolutely addicted you are to that sticky mess, until I’ve shown you how to truly enjoy it.

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Escape Clause CEI

The best part of luring guys like you into eating their own cum is the challenge. You want to slurp it down so badly, but then the time comes, and you’re suddenly disgusted. You obstinately refuse. You’d do anything for an out. You’ll have one today, an escape clause that gives you an alternative to drinking down that cream, given to you just seconds before the main event. When you do gulp down that thick mouthful of cum, it will be of your own free will. You’ll be making the choice yourself. Although you don’t really have a choice, do you? My slow striptease, prolonged edging instructions, and endlessly arousing descriptions of the taste and feel of a big cummy mouthful are impossible to resist. If you trip up and get too excited, you might just end up with an accidental load on your tongue. Plus, I have a little trick up my sleeve to make sure you end up swallowing, one way or another…

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