Natasha’s Bedroom – Poppers Anal Induction

Natasha's Bedroom - Poppers Anal Induction

So you’re an anal virgin, aren’t you? You’ve always fantasized about having your asshole stuffed, about stretching your tight little hole with fingers and dildos and maybe even more…but you just haven’t been able to push that limit yet. Well, today’s the day. We’re going to lower your inhibitions, relax that tight sphincter of yours with po.ppers, and then initiate your anal induction.

Don’t think twice. Just click play and let me take over your mind and body. We’ll start with one finger at a time, pausing to take whiff after whiff of amyl nitrate as you work your way up to a deep dildo pounding. Stroking your cock as I sweetly tell you just how to penetrate your virgin ass for the first time will be the hottest fucking experience you can imagine; it’ll transform you from anal virgin to anal addict.

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Gay Reprogramming – Get Fucked In The Ass For Me – Natasha’s Bedroom

Gay Reprogramming - Get Fucked In The Ass For Me - Natasha's Bedroom

You’ve been watching my forced bi clips, learning how to suck cock like a pro. I’ve shown you how easy it is to swallow giant dicks, one after another, until they cum all over your face and down your throat. I’ve trained you to hunger for those massive pieces of man meat twitching against your tongue. But sucking cock is only a warm-up, just a little foreplay before we move on to the real thing.It’s time for you to become a filthy little butt slut. I’ll reinforce your desire to suck cock before we move on to the final step: reprogramming you to become gay. You’re going to fuck your ass as you stroke and stare at guys just like you getting fucked hard. Taking monster cocks in your asshole is your destiny. We both know it. And by the end of this clip, you’ll be transformed into a full-blown faggot for me.Anal Masturbation – Forced Bi – Gay Jerk Off Instructions – Mind Fuck – Sissy ReprogrammingYou’ll also love:BBC AddictionGive In: Surrender To Your Cocksucking FantasiesAnal CEIDown The Rabbit HoleInterested in a custom video?

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Natasha’s Bedroom – A CEI Predicament

Natasha's Bedroom - A CEI Predicament

This clip is designed for first time cum eaters as well as seasoned cum connoisseurs. I use a sweet and sensual encouraging tone throughout, to gently lure you into eating those sweet, delicious loads for me. I’ll give you extensive post-cum instructions, showing you exactly how to savor and slowly enjoy that delicious cream.

You’re going to cum twice for me today. I’ll slowly and teasingly edge you again and again, working up enormous gobs of semen for you to savor and sweetly instructing you on just how to eat them. You’re going to be eating both loads for me – or will you? I’ll give you an opt-out before each orgasm, a special, filthy cum play task you can complete as an alternative to slurping down that big mouthful of jizz. If you want to get out of eating that load, you’ll have to do something even dirtier with your cum for me.

But you’re not going to take either of my opt-outs. I know exactly how to reach inside your mind and build your hunger for cum to an incomprehensible level. Trust me. I’m good at this.


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Natasha’s Bedroom – BBC Addiction

Natasha's Bedroom - BBC Addiction

Hers: BBC. Big Black Cock. You’re addicted to it, and who could blame you? It’s the holy grail of dick, a cocksucker’s ultimate fantasy. It’s not gay to fantasize about sucking those big black cocks, one after another, feeling their cum slide down your throat. In fact it’s only natural; everyone fantasizes about sucking those massive, veiny, dark dicks. The men who don’t? They’re just in denial.I’ll sweetly nudge you slide deeper and deeper into the abyss of your BBC addiction. You’ll see how good it feels to let yourself go completely, allowing your obsession with those big black monster cocks take over your mind and your orgasm. See how amazing it is to stroke while I tease you with one massive black cock after another? To edge closer to that orgasmic bliss as I describe your deepest, filthiest cocksucking fantasies? Sit back and stare at my beautiful body and these enormous black cocks as I draw you deeper and deeper and deeper yet into the trap of BBC addiction.

Mine: Natasha is on a couch and uses her tits to entice you to start stroking for BBC. She explains how its not gay, and all white bois do it, so its only natural that you cum to that superior Black Cock.

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Natasha’s Bedroom – The Surprise Cuckold

Natasha's Bedroom - The Surprise Cuckold

Hers: You come home early, excited to spend some quality time with your wife. But when you walk into the bedroom, you can’t believe your eyes. You see your wife getting fucked, hard, by a man nearly twice your size. She doesn’t even notice that you’re there until you quietly clear your throat.

“Oh hi, honey” she says, unembarrassed. She looks back at the guy fucking her with his big black cock and tells him not to stop. “I wasn’t expected you home so early, but now that you’re here, you might as well watch.” She tells the bull to put it in her ass as you watch in disbelief.

Your wife tells you about the new role you’ll have in her life, explaining that your place from now on will be as her cuckold. You’ll watch her get fucked whenever she desires, and you’ll be tasked with cleanup duty whenever she or one of her bulls demands it. “It’s what a man like you is meant to do,” she tells you as her breath quickens and her body explodes with an orgasm.

“Now I want you to clean off his cock and then lick his virile semen out of my asshole. Hurry up, cuck! He’s just the first of many tonight, so consider this a practice round…”

Mine: Natasha Cucks your sissy white ass and makes you jerk your little dick while you watch her get fucked by a Black Cock…Nuff Said!

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Beginner CEI – Conquering Your Cum Craving Resistance

Natasha's Bedroom - Beginner CEI - Conquering Your Cum Craving Resistance

Brunette dominatrix Natasha mindfucks you to do her bidding in her POV Cum Eating Instructional clips. She is gorgeous as she is on her bed wearing sexy revealing lingerie that shows off her ample cleavage, large natural tits, long legs, perfect bare feet, and her round firm ass. Her beauty, sweet voice and teasing sensual manner will mesmerize you until you find yourself eating your own cum for this young sexy Domme. No Sex. No Humiliation.

Natasha says:
“Ready to eat your cum for the very first time? Or maybe you’re a seasoned cum eater who still finds yourself hesitating before the big moment. Either way, this CEI lesson will train you to develop and deepen your cum addiction.

Today is all about sweetly and sensually breaking down your mental barriers to finally give in and eat that yummy, gooey load. The biggest hurdle to your jizz guzzling compulsion is that moment when you finally cum. Suddenly, your repulsion outweighs your hunger, and you just can’t go through with it. So, we’re going to start with one saved load in a shot glass.

You’ll be slowly savoring tiny tastes of that load, along with all the precum dripping out of your horny cock, throughout our edging session. As I give you a countdown, once you’re on the very brink, you’ll be downing the rest of that saved load for me.

Once my cum countdown reaches zero, you’ll be ejaculating right into that same shot glass. You’ll want to eat it right away, but I’ll make you wait until next time. After all, nothing builds desire like denial. For extra practice, play this clip on a loop.

There’s no humiliation in this clip, just pure sensual teasing and cum guzzling encouragement.”

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Mommy Tricks You Into Impregnating Her, Part 2

Natasha's Bedroom - Mommy Tricks You Into Impregnating Her, Part 2

Sweetie, I have a confession to make, and it’s going to take you by surprise. I’m pregnant – and it’s your baby. My very own baby’s baby is growing deep inside me, pushing out my belly and making my breasts swell.

Do you remember that night a couple of days before your wedding? When we made love for the very last time? Do you remember cumming deep inside of me, shooting your seed as your convulsing cock stretched my swollen pussy? That’s the night our baby was conceived. When I told you I was on birth control…well, that was a little white lie. Because you’re my perfect baby – you came from inside me, and now I have a part of you growing again inside me. What could be more beautiful?

I know this is a little difficult to hear, but I also know just how to make my darling son cheer up. Take out your cock, honey, and I’ll tell you just how to stroke it. Mommy will cum with you and make it all better. In fact, I think I can even show you that this baby is a wonderful miracle.

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