Princess Lacey – Magic Killer Pussy

Princess Lacey - Magic Killer Pussy

So you want to worship my pussy? Well, I must warn you, my pussy has magical powers. My pussy is a real man eater. Every second you stare at my pussy, every thought you have about my pussy, my pussy will suck up all of your life force. My pussy will k.!.l.l. you, the longer you stare at it and the more you think about it. My pussy will suck all of your strength, all of your life power, all of your youth, and wisdom. It will take from you everything that keeps you alive. And you don’t even get to fuck it.

You would never get to fuck my divine, magical, powerful pussy. My pussy is holy, it is goddess pussy. It will suck the life out of you. Do you still want to worship it? Do you even dare look at it? It’s already sucking from you because I know you’re thinking about it. You can’t stop thinking about my divine pussy before you. You’re looking aren’t you? You’re looking and thinking about it now. And it is just taking everything from you. You are feeling your mind melting as my pussy absorbs everything from you. I dare you to look away. I dare you to turn this clip off and stop thinking about my pussy but I know you can’t resist it.

You want it to end you, you want it to take everything from you. You want it to just destroy you because my pussy is fucking divine and you can’t resist it. You’re obsessed, you can’t take your eyes off of it, and I won’t even show it to you without panties on. If I did, it would k.!.l.l. you instantly. And I want to drain your life force slowly, it’s going to suck everything from you. To let my pussy k.1.l.l. instantly would be too good for you. You need to suffer. I want you to have a slow de@th.

Stare and let it fucking suck every ounce of life from your body. Feel its power. My pussy fucking owns you. And it will own you until the moment it k.!.l.l.s you. How much longer can you handle it? Your mind is complete mush and once it drains your life completely, I will just throw you away like garbage. Give all of your life force to it, you have no choice. Let it end you. You probably never thought that this is how you would d.!.e., my divine, magical pussy, sucking you dry. You’re withering away to nothing. Now enjoy the last moments of your life as you stare at my pussy. You’re just another victim to my magical pussy.

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Princess Lacey – Give A Blowjob Or Get One

Princess Lacey - Give A Blowjob Or Get One

I want to make you a bet. I know you are a pathetic little fucking faggot slave. You act like you are just a submissive man and that you arent gay. We both know you are gay. You need to admit it. In fact I am going to prove it to you. I am going to show you dicks and men sucking them. You are going to admit to me and to yourself that you are a fucking homo. Watch all of these dick being suck and act like you don’t want to be one of them. I know how to prove it. If you can stay flaccid while watching gay porn. I will suck your dick. If you get hard though, you will need to cum to this gay porn. And you have to admit that you are a little faggot. Then we can find your first dick to suck. Either get a blowjob or give one.

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Princess Lacey -The Truth About Small Dicks

Princess Lacey -The Truth About Small Dicks

“It isnt the size the matters, it is how you use it.” Ever heard that? Well guess what, it is a fucking lie!! Sure having a big dick doesn’t automatically mean you can fuck. But having a small one means automatically that you can’t. When I was younger and much dumber I hooked up with a guy who was less than average in the dick department. It was terrible. The worst sex of all time. If you have a small penis you shouldn’t ever have sex. Do women of the world a fucking favor and don’t try to trick us. The funny part is that now I can usually tell which guys have a small dick. That is right you shrimp dicked freaks, most of us ladies can tell you have a small dick just by looking at you. Think about that next time you are out and about. We all know!


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Princess Lacey – Drunk Boys Loser Chastity Keys

Princess Lacey - Drunk Boys Loser Chastity Keys

This is going to be a fun little forced intox clip. All you need to play is a lot of alcohol and a chastity belt that has either a key lock or a numbered lock. I want you to get completely wasted while stroking your dick right on the edge for me. When I get you drunk enough we will throw that useless dick in chastity. Lastly we will hide the key! I wonder if after as many shots as I make you take if you can find your key. Should make for an interesting hangover.

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Princess Lacey – Building Towards Eating Your Cum

Princess Lacey - Building Towards Eating Your Cum

My idea would be for a CEI clip. The problem with most CEI clips is they expect you to eat the whole load. You have to build up to that so my idea is this. You have the slave cum on themselves and then scoop up a little of it and put it in their mouth. Then you make them play with it in their mouth before they swallow. Just to get used to the taste. You dont make up eat the whole load but you can make up email you after to thank you for making us eat our own cum and how it felt to do it under your control.

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