Ceara Lynch – 15 Seconds of Torment

Ceara Lynch - 15 Seconds of Torment

I am your wife who has turned you into nothing more than my Sissy Maid. I have never allowed me to sleep with me and have never allowed you to see me naked. I keep you locked in chastity and allow you a chance to cum once a month. You stand in front of me on the first of the month as I sit in front of you fully dressed in a smart, strict looking business outfit. I know it is your day for a chance to cum and when I allow it I give you a countdown of no more than 30 seconds to rub yourself through your thick restrictive pantygirdle. Only this morning I decide to be cruel and amuse myself. I ask you if you’d like to see my panties for 15 seconds, something I rarely allow you to see. You of course answer, “yes Ma’am.” I then turn that around on you and ask, “So you would rather see my panties for 15 seconds than rub your panties for 30?” You know you are not allowed to disagree, complain or show disappointment in anyway so you must answer yes. I grin knowing that you will have to wait another long aching month as I ask “Are you sure, Sissy?” you shiver as you answer, “Yes.” I tease and mock you about how you must like that aching feeling. How you must enjoy keeping all that cum in your little girly balls. I would then have you squat down in front of me as I face you. I am wearing a very nice skirt that I barely lift at all as I sit. You are only able to see a a tiny area of my panties (white fullcut and thick nylon) covered by my thick tan opaque pantyhose. “Are you ready, Sissy Maid?” I ask. You say “yes Ma’am” and I say “You have a whole 15 seconds to look at my panties, isn’t that nice of me, Sissy?” Again you agree with me. I then hold my skirt up very slightly and countdown from 15. As soon as I am finished I pull my skirt back down. I can see the ache, pain and frustration on your face as I smile and tease and mock you with things like “Wasn’t that fun, Sissy?” “Maybe if you’re a good Sissy maid you can look at them again next month, would like that, Sissy?” I smile knowing that it would mean I’d have to skip cumming again but you must answer, “yes Ma’am.” I end by telling you that I will help your aching and frustration by making you watch me masturbate and cum in my panties the rest of the month, knowing that that would you inside. I then tell you I must leave for work and you had better get busy with your chores. I have left a large basket of my panties that need to be ironed as you stand in your tight painful heels.

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