Ceara Lynch – Ass To Mouth

Ceara Lynch - Ass To Mouth

Arent you so lucky to be under my control? It is everything youve dreamed of, right? Im going to introduce you to new things that you are sure to love. But, you have obey my every command and I promise Ill blow your fucking mind! Now, take this dildo and fuck your ass with it. Do as I say, this is what you wanted, to serve and please your Princess. Im training you for more important tasks because I have no use for slaves if they cant take a dick in their ass or swallow a cock. Youre going to be a jack of all (service) trades. Nothing more than cock sucking, piss drinking, cum guzzling, lord of my glory hole ass whore! Go on you shriveled-up worm-dick maggot, stick that $hit slicked dildo in your mouth and show Ceara how devoted of a slave you are!

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