Ceara Lynch – Blasphemy

Ceara Lynch - Blasphemy

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy, Spirit, AND the divine GODDESS CEARA! What kind of faggot man worships another guy? Wasting all your time reading the same damn book over and over again, claiming how the way of the Lord will allow your miserable soul into the kingdom of Heaven. Yeah FUCKING right! All you stupid Christians are sinners for Im the light that your dark soul won’t fear, that feeds your demons with the lusty pornographic debauchery you crave. These egotistical men you call God are selfish and tell you not to JO or fuck because it is wrong. Well, I say it RIGHT for a man to spread his seed. So instead of taking the Body of Christ up your ass, join me The Panty-Christ, and Satan, and other sadists like you, and FUCK JESUS instead!”

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