Ceara Lynch – Boots and Lips

Ceara Lynch - Boots and Lips

My boss is so transparent. He’s constantly calling me into his office even though he has nothing new to tell me. I decide to confront him on this because I have a pretty good idea what is going on. He’s always commenting on my boots and lip gloss, to the point that its obviously some kind of fetish. I put my theory to the test and begin to tease him with my lips, licking them seductively and watching him squirm. It’s obvious I have way more power over him then he does on me, especially when I stick my boot in his face and order him to lick. He’s like a horny ani.mal. A d.og. So I force him on his knees and instruct him to hump my boots, degrading and dehumanizing him. Funny how quickly the tables turn when you’re gorgeous and dominant.

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