Ceara Lynch – Club Pig

Ceara Lynch - Club Pig.mp4

While I was dancing at the club tonight, I noticed this one fat loser standing by the bar staring at me the entire time. I decide to have a little fun and invite him back to my place. That loser thought he was gonna be getting some action tonight. Like I’d let a fat sack of like that fuck me, especially when he dropped his pants. I was hysterical! I didn’t know guy’s cock could be so small. It looked like a 2nd bellybutton peeking put from his fat stomach. I make him stick his hand under his belly and pinch his tiny dick between his thumb and index finger and make him stroke his micro weenie, and with every stroke I command that he oinks like the filthy fat ass pig that he is. Honestly, I just brought him back here for my entertainment and I got a hilarious stand-up comedy show… actually I guess nothing was standing-up with him.

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Ceara Lynch – Club Pig.mp4