Ceara Lynch – Cuckold’s Loan

Ceara Lynch - Cuckold's Loan

There’s a new restaurant opening in town and the chef is a master. He is amazing with his hands and knows how to really butter my muffin. The only problem is that he needs a loan or his restaurant won’t make it. I need you to give him the money, otherwise he will have to close and move away forever. I really need his giant sausage around to keep me full. Isn’t that what you want, honey, to see me satisfied? It would really make me happy if he could keep his restaurant and continue to fuck me. I’ll be so sad if I can’t have his hot meat between my thighs. He really knows how to feed my sexual appetite. Call him now and tell him you’ll give him the money. It’s not like you’re paying for his business, you’re basically paying him to keep fucking your hungry wife.

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