Ceara Lynch – Gamer Fate

Ceara Lynch - Gamer Fate

To win the game- Player 1 (that’s you): Win the online video game tournament’s jackpot of $100,000. Player s (that’s me): Pick out the sexiest outfit for my hot date. Watching you dominate your opponent in your game is really making me feel self-conscious about my date. I must not be sexy enough if some nerd like you won’t look at me. Maybe you can help me find something sexier. I can’t decide which piece of lingerie will score me more points. This game is hard! I begin to try on the different types of sheer and sultry garments and catch you staring at me in my bra and panties. It seems that I was wrong. My outfit must be because your avatar is just getting slaughtered in that game. I guess I better leave now. I don’t want be around any losers! Looks to me like you should start playing with another joystick now…

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