Ceara Lynch – Perverted Landlord

Ceara Lynch - Perverted Landlord

This would be mostly close ups of your gorgeous face, dark, evil make up. The lip licking is such a turn on so please add often. when shooting scene with cage for best effect place the camera inside and have it zoomed on face. Loose script idea: i am your perverted landlord who has a crush on you and knows your a dominatrix and has been spying, watching you and getting my rocks off from drilling a hole in your bathroom wall and watching you ect…. when i come to collect the rent you invite me in and blow a knockout powder in my face….i fade out and next your our tapping on cage you have me locked in trying to wake me. you tell me you discovered what i have been doing and now it’s time to pay…..since i enjoyed watching on the toilet you will make me your obedient eating slave for life…….since i am trying to resist your reach into cage and inject your needle into my neck, this drug will make me totally subservient to you forever…..through clip make me profess how much i love princess ceara…princess ceara is my goddess….i love ceara with all my heart…it would be a honor and a privilege to eat you my queen… make me beg…go into great detail how at the snap of your fingers i will assume the position and beg for it and how you will commence to in my mouth….eat and slave………..maybe you could press your ass on top of cage telling me to open wide and eat my …..maybe spit into cage……then you take my out of cage have me sign everything i own, the apartment complex, all my money over to my evil mistress and owner…..you tell me how i now must pay with my life for being pervert and spying on you….you take out knife, lick it and kiss it ready to for your mistress and owner slave……….then slowly cut the dick from the balls on dildo…..now as you slowly bleed to d.eath i will into your mouth one last time….open…..eat my slave…..bleed to d.eath and while you taste my …..then with camera back in cage i am fading fast, make me thank you for the pleasure of being your slave….spit on me as i before you…. you tell me no one fucks with Princess Ceara and gets away with it….i will bury you just like this, in a cage, castrated with my all over you….and owning all you had….bye bye slave, blow kiss goodbye…..

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