Ceara Lynch – Smoke & Spit Hip-NO

Ceara Lynch - Smoke & Spit Hip-NO

Back in the day, there was nothing sexier or more seductive than a woman smoking a cigarette. Now, a lot of men find smoking to be disgusting. But, I have a way with men, able to convince them to love something they absolutely hate. The instant I snap my fingers, you’re locked into my trance. The only thing you can focus on is the flame from my lighter as it ignites the end of my cigarette. Now, you’re gaze transfers from the glowing ember sparking in my mouth the cloud of smoke impairing your vision. Nothing tastes sweeter than the smoke from my lungs. It is intoxicating and you breathe the white fumes in like fresh oxygen. Your mouth has become a dry as a desert from inhaling my breath. Nothing would satisfy you more than to quench your thirst with hot silky spit dripped straight from my mouth down your thirsty throat.

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