Ceara Lynch – Sweat Induced Blue Balls

Ceara Lynch  - Sweat Induced Blue Balls

Boys can be so gross, and my pervy little brother is proof of that. On my way out to the gym, I caught my brother digging around my gym bag and smelling my rank clothes from my last workout. I tie up that little stinker to a chair naked while I go to the gym and think about what to do with that sick fuck. I could tell mom & dad, but I don’t want to out him as panty-sniffing freak. I decide that if he loves the smell of my filthy things then I’ll just make him my sweat slave. I come home after 2 hours at the gym. My bro’s cock shoots straight up the moment he sees the sweat glistening on my cleavage. I begin to shove my smelly pits in his face, force him to sniff my shoes, eat my socks, and take a deep whiff of my hot sweaty ass. The little pervert is gushing precum, more than the amount of sweating I did during my workout. Unfortunately, his workout is just starting. Now that I got him all sweaty and aroused, I decide to hit the showers and leave him to work-out a solution to getting untied and working out his swollen and dripping cock muscle.

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