Ceara Lynch – What Are Big Sisters For?

Ceara Lynch - What Are Big Sisters For?

It is crazy how my cute little bro has grown into a horny pervert. I caught the little fucker stealing my panties and told him he wouldnt even know what to do with them. Hes just a stupid boy that has been using them to sniff and jerk-off to. I bet his tiny balls havent even dropped yet! I guess since he doesnt have a big bro to show him how to be a man, that its up to his bossy bratty sis to teach him to grow-up. I make my bro pull down his pants and show me how he masturbates. It looked like he was twirling a noodle between his fingers. Hes got a lot of growing up to do, but luckily he has me to help. After all, what are big s1ster’s for?

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