Christy Berrie – Ass Worship Roommate

Christy Berrie - Ass Worship Roommate

I caught you with a collection of my dirty panties, pervert. I don’t blame you- you sit in your room alone while your roommate gets fucked every night. You listen through the walls and sniff my filthy thongs. Well, here’s your chance for the real thing roomy- you’re gonna worship the ass you smell on those panties. You won’t need them anymore since you’ll be my live in ass slave. I won’t have to look at your loser face anymore since I’ll be using it as a seat! You’re so deep in my ass- as I fuck your nose- that you can’t stop jerking your dick- you’ll do anything I tell you to do. This is your new life… My ass is dinner and you make your own cum dessert.

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