Dallas Black – I gave my panties to a pervert

Dallas Black - I gave my panties to a pervert

You are getting called out as a creeper by your sexy neighbor. You do like to watch Dallas and her sexy girlfriends, but you never really thought about getting caught. Whoops! Dallas is having a pool party later today and she wants to make an arrangement with you so that you don’t creep on her and her friends. If you can get hard and jerk off for her today, she will give you her smelly panties, but you have to promise not to creep on her pool party today. You agree and you let your dick out. Dallas tells you to start stroking it and she offers encouragement by pulling up her shirt. You see a pretty pink bra and you hear her unhooking it. When she removes the bra, you nearly cum in your hand. Those tiny tits look better than anything you have seen before and you think that you made a pretty good deal with Dallas today. Do you want to smell her panties while you jerk off? She hands them over to you and you inhale deeply. “Sniff my panties,” she teases you. Not completely impressed with your efforts, she is amused by how much you are enjoying your time with her. Can you even cum for Dallas?? Okay, let her see what you have. Stroke your dick harder and put those panties in your mouth. Cum for Dallas! She is surprised that you had that much cum inside of you. Just stay on your side of the fence from now on, you pervert!

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