Danielle Maye and Penny Lee- Shiny Makes You Weak

Danielle Maye - Shiny Makes You Weak

Danielle and Penny’s hot shiny bodies make you weak, your brain turns to complete mush and all you can manage to do is or ship, stroke and spend.

You can’t even talk, by the girls and there gorgeous shiny bodies, you are completely mesmerised and hanging off of every word they say. Look at how tight there outfits cling to their perfect bodies. So weak the girls tell you to say it.. “Come on loser, say it… SHINY MAKES ME WEAK” Louder, that’s it keep saying it over and over you want to impress Danielle and penny with your loyalty and need for them don’t you.. So say it! SHINY MAKES ME WEAK! Good now let’s see how desperate you are to cum and maybe the hot shiny princess will allow you to blow your load…

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