Danielle Maye – Auntie Has Got You a Stripper [Pt2]

Danielle Maye - Auntie Has Got You a Stripper [Pt2]

For the clip, I’d like a sequel to the custom birthday stripper tease you kindly did for me; in a similar POV style. Hearing how you exposed my hard-on in front of my aunt and her friends on my birthday, my other aunt thinks it’d be good to put a similar show on for her friends. So she’s brought you back as the stripper. You’ll perform a striptease (in an outfit of your choice) and I mustn’t get hard. This time I think can control myself; you’re not so sure. The stakes are higher, and the forfeits more embarrassing.

You order me to strip down to my underwear: this time I’ve been instructed to wear a thong so you can really notice any movement. When in just my thong, you tell me to put my hands on my head. I’m not allowed to move from that position at all: no touching myself or covering up.

During your striptease please can you spank and grab your ass. At one point I attempt to cover up, which you have none of, telling me to keep my hands on my head so that everyone can see the front of my thong.

After stripping to your underwear you notice some movement. You approach the camera and action as if you open the front of my thong. You suggest I need to calm down with that semi. Luckily, you say, my aunt has some ice cubes. Calling her over you tell her to have a peek and pour the ice cubes down my thong. Now I’ve cooled down you continue to tease. Undoing your bra, and just as you’re about to remove it, suddenly I get hard. Having succeeded, you re-clasp your bra and tease: “you’ve got a hard-on, you’ve got a hard-on, in front of your aunt and her friends.” You then build up to pulling my thong down. Counting down from 10 to 1, you give the ladies what they want and action as if you pull my thong down.

You encourage the ladies to take photos and comment how embarrassing this must be: not just naked, but hard. You offer me another challenge. You tell me that you’ll continue to tease, so I’ll get to see you naked, and even though I’m not allowed to touch myself, you still think I’ll cum. Should I cum, my aunt will give me a custard pie in the face as a forfeit. If, however, I manage not to cum, you say you’ll open your legs, giving me a full view, and I’ll get to put the pie in your face. It’s touch and go. After plenty of nude teasing, you place a hand over your modesty and open your legs. But just as you’re about to remove your hand, I blow my load.

Enjoying your victory, you get dressed. You say it’s almost time for my forfeit; my aunt has the pie ready. Once dressed you notice I’m now soft; to the disappointment of the audience. So, much like you did in the previous video, you spank your ass again, and my cock rises. Now for the forfeit: you countdown from 10 to 1, and watch as my aunt pies me in the face. You delight at that sight, and note that my aunt had a good feel of my cock as she pied me.

You ask me how it felt to be pied and have my aunt feel my hard-on; embarrassing you bet. After blowing me a kiss, you instruct me to maintain my pose, with my hard-on still on display, and tell the ladies they can do what they want to me, and embarrass me as much as they like.

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