Danielle Maye – Better Learn to Brown Nose

Danielle Maye - Better Learn to Brown Nose

You’re terrified of cutbacks. You know there are mass redundancies coming… And you are duly called upstairs one morning, to meet with Danielle, the new Business Development Director. At just 23, Danielle has risen the corporate ladder quickly and seems to be taking great pleasure in being in charge of mass redundancies. You are desperate to keep your job and immediately make it clear you will do ANYTHING to keep it. Hearing your pleas amuses Danielle, but she says if you are going to beg for your job you may as well do it properly. “Why should I take you seriously? You’re not even on your knees…”. Ashamed and embarrassed you fall to your knees and beg for your survival. Falling to your knees changes everything. Danielle stands over you and tells you how pathetic you look. She calls you a wimp and gives you an ultimatum. She will allow you to keep your job… IF… you take a significant pay cut. Oh and IF… you KISS HER ARSE. She wants to really see you brown nose, so she is going to peel down her pencil skirt, peel down her French knickers and you are going to bury your head deep into Her ass and kiss like there is no tomorrow!

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