Danielle Maye – Dancing Sister Dani

Danielle Maye - Dancing Sister Dani

So Ive heard that you have been spending all your money at the local strip club. You shouldnt be wasting your money there you should just give it to me. How about I strip for you brother??
You are soon powerless to resist me. I laugh at you as I strip down to my bra, panties and stockings and heels and pose for you, taking your money. You beg me to take off my bra, but I tell you that I need more cash to let you see my tits. your girlfriends purse is lying on the sofa next to you go look in there, see if she has any cash. I remove my bra slowing teasing you and making you pay more and more for me to remove my panties which makes you blow your load all over yourself. leaving I tell you that I will want much more cash next time, so you will either have to get another job, steal more from your girlfriend or sell all your to pay for your new habit. Your sister stripper!!

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