Danielle Maye – Dominating My Pervert Boss

Danielle Maye - Dominating My Pervert Boss

Dani has gained an internship at a successful internet start-up company. The owner (the viewer) has refused to negotiate with Google who wish to buy the firm to gain their patients and intellectual property rights which are worth a fortune. Dani has sneaked a look at his internet browsing history and knows his weaknesses. Dani works late and enters his office dressed as a sexy dominatrix. Dani looks fantastic with makeup emphasizing her pale skin, cherry red lip gloss and with high octane cheek bone. She pretends she is going directly to a Halloween fancy dress party from work. Dani looking fantastic in her dominatrix outfit asks how he likes her costume. She looks the ultimate hot intelligent alpha babe. Dani giggles and asks him if he would like to try some role play. She looks deliciously imposing as the sexy dominatrix. Dani maybe hot but she is just an intern and she intends to take this multi million pound away from him. For her plan to work he must think this is just fun role play until she can establish total control. Initially Dani lets him get a good look at her outfit. With her tight top emphasizing her incredible bust she leans forward for him to see down her cleavage. Her black boots showcase her shapely legs. Her micro mini skirt leaves little to the imagination. She teases how he looks at her in the office in her smart business clothes. How he takes every chance to peak down her blouse to admire her cleavage. Dani smirks as she describes how he checks out her ass when she bends over to file his papers. Dani knows she is telling the truth. However he is still her boss so she tempts him with the suggestion that she is flattered by his attention. Once he admits that seeing her brightens his day Dani ups the ante by suggesting his rock hard cock throbs when he sees her. Dani’s beautifully manicured hands seductively rub her black outfit. Dani tells him that he knows he is an old letch lusting after the young, pretty, nubile office intern. He should be honest and confess this to her. Once he does Dani rewards his weakness. Dani teasing asks her boss if he wants to see more. Of course he does and she removes her top. Dani’s pert firm tits defy gravity. She cups them for him to get a better look as she suggests they play a game where Dani is the boss. She suggests it has been his fantasy to work for a superior alpha female and with her posh Surrey accent Dani fits the bill. She tells him that it will be a thrill for him to work for a smart sophisticated young woman. ‘You have always wanted to.’

She can see the idea appeals to him so she tells him to stand up and smiles as he does. She tells him to undress. In a more dominant voice she repeats the instruction adding she knows he isn’t going to disappoint her. She tells him he wants to obey her; it is his duty to obey. Dani adds she wants to see his hard, big, throbbing cock. Amazingly he starts to undress. Dani grows in confidence her plan is working. She temptingly caresses her tits and seductively turns to let him see her young firm tight body. She rubs her outfit around her pussy as she says that she is now the boss. Dani is sexy and dominant and is used to getting what she wants. She informs him that he must unload the burden of responsibility to her. How life will make sense with her taking the key decisions for him and his firm. Dani can see his cock swelling as he imagines being her slave. She reinforces his desire by teasing how good her ass, tits and legs look. She asks how much he wants her to wrap her cherry red lips around his throbbing cock. She mocks that it is his place to serve the hot alpha female it’s just the social order. Dani’s assertive sexy sophisticated voice with her imposing appearance makes her irresistible.

Dani’s first priority is for him to sign over control of his company to her. She has a stock transfer form prepared for him to sign it. She smiles as he meekly complies. Dani reassures he is doing the right thing and everything will work out for the best. Dani knows how important he is to her company his knowledge and skill are vital. She produces a chastity devise for his cock and pretends it is a fantastic reward for him. She seductively explains it will prevent him playing with his cock protecting it for her exclusive TLC. All he has to do is lock his cock in the devise and she will keep the key. Dani can see that he is regaining his senses and no matter how hot she is he is surrendering his company to her his life’s work. Dani realizes that she needs to control his cock to prevent him from trying to challenge her ownership of the company. Dani leans over to rub her boots and pulls up her mini skirt to reveal her sexy panties. She looks stunning with her pert athletic vibrant body and her sexy underwear. Dani smirks as she teases that he wants her ‘knickers’. She deliberately emphazises the word. Dani offers to make him her, panty executive, if he attaches and lock the devise. The feeble minded fool succumbs to temptation. Dani gloats as he locks his cock into the devise. She now has control of him as well as the company. She grins knowing that periodic milkings will keep him in line while she concludes negotiations to sell the company. Dani tells him to get out of her new office.

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