Danielle Maye – Fucked by a Ghost

Danielle Maye - Fucked by a Ghost

You have seen Naughty Sam your Horny Brother trying on your Bra and Knickers and its turned you on, and you want to fuck him with your strap on.
you are on your bed in bra and panties then you pull your panties down to your knees and you reveal your strap on, you also let your bra straps dangle and you fuck me, you imagine undoing my bra and pulling my panties down and you are so horny about it and love fucking your brother and your brother loves it fucking me from behind and giving you a blowjob as you play with your boobs, then you are tired you take your strap on off pull the panties up and bra still on you fall asleep, the ghost of your brother naughty sam has other ideas, he slowly possess your arms you roll over on your side undo your bra leave it on dangling, pull your panties from behind down and he fucks you, you love it.

He eats your pussy out, kisses you, fucks you on top and from behind and you are so horny you stand up with your back to the wall and he fucks you with your arms pinned against the wall, then after the fucking id love you to go close up to the camera to give a close up of your tits in the bra and a closeup front and back shot of the panties, this sounds so sexy babe.

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