Danielle Maye – Gay Mind Control

Danielle Maye - Gay Mind Control

It’s been hard for you hasn’t it… Having those thoughts. It’s not natural for a man to think about another man. That’s why you’ve come here isn’t it, for a therapy session.
You’ve heard I’m the best and that I can cure you of these gay thoughts. So sit back relax and listen to my voice…my perfect sexy voice. Watch my hot body move and seduce you…making you want it.
And by “it” I mean cock! You’re so wrapped up in my voice and body you’re not listening to what I’m saying…haha stupid fool.
I’ve gotten deep into your mind and slowly but surely your turning.. You want it more than ever before and by the end of this session, You’ll be prancing out the door ready to drop to your knees for the next bit of dick you see.

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