Danielle Maye – Gold Digger

Danielle Maye - Gold Digger

Femme fatale Dani is annoyed with her late husband’s lawyer. Not only is he siding with the family claim to his fortune but he intends to call in the authorities to investigate Dani’s murky past and look into her wealthy husband’s suspicious . Dani dressed in a sexy smart outfit calls to see him. Dani claims his allegations of her being a gold-digging black widow are ridiculous. Dani looks deliciously attractive with her tight blouse, short skirt, sexy stockings and heels. Dani reassures him that she can prove this as she produces a crystal pendent. Dani swings the crystal pendent in front of her tight blouse so he can relish ogling his stunningly attractive guest. Dani’s soft soothing voice suggests he watch carefully to see it shimmer in the light. She loosens the buttons on her blouse to allow him a better view of her cleavage as he follows the crystal. Dani keeps her voice tone steady and constant to help him to relax. Just watch, listen and breathe easily, sit back and relax. You could listen forever. Dani stops swinging the crystal and wickedly tells him he is a weak willed pervert who will do anything to please her. Now let’s play a little game. Write down your computer, e-mail and client bank account passwords on the pad while I take these off. Dani removes her blouse and skirt and looks magnificent as she strips down her sexy underwear, stockings and heels. Dani checks the passwords and PIN numbers which she will use later. Good now strip I want to have some real fun. Dani removes her bra and cups her pert tits. Dani laughs she knows he would like to place his big hard throbbing cock between them for a tit job. He should be so lucky! Dani spreads her legs giving him an excellent view of her sexy panties. Dani tells him that in her bag beside him there is blonde wig, stockings and a pair of knickers put them on. Dani wickedly observes she wore this underwear at her husband’s funeral. Dani teasingly recalls rubbing her pussy during prayers. Her pussy juice is soaked into the fabric. Dani caresses herself and says how horny it makes her to see him like this. Topless Dani rubs her panties. Before he starts jerking he needs to wrap the plastic bag around his head he is going to suffocate himself. Dani gives him one of her stockings to tie around it and keep it tight. He will be the one pulling the stocking to asphyxiate him. Dani offers instruction on how to tie the stocking and make sure it good and airtight. Dani naughtily bends over and rubs her panties before spanking her own ass. She evilly adds she reported to police that some dirty laundry had disappeared from the house after the wake. The authorities will find him wearing the missing items. She yelps in delight as he starts to masturbate while pulling the stocking. Dani wiggling her ass tells him to start jerking faster and pull tight. Dani turns to look directly at him as she rubs her panties over her tight wet pussy. She reminds him to pull and keep the bag airtight. Dani rubs her pert vibrant tits and panties as he writhes in a frenzy as he jerks his cock. With the bag clinging as tightly to his face as the monster from alien she counts him down to cum. Dani informs him that she will use his access and authorization codes to realize the funds from her husband’s estate to her and e-mail his final ruling that she is the sole beneficiary. Once he is finished in every sense of the word Dani puts on a pair of surgical gloves. She has an adult magazine to place beside him. He will be found the apparent victim of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Dani laughs about how easy this is. She has access of his office, freedom to amend his computer records and no one will ever know she was there.

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