Danielle Maye – Little Bro’s First Date Advice

Danielle Maye - Little Bro's First Date Advice

I am the hot, sexy older sister that every guy wants. I date anyone I want, and sleep with the guys that I want. My younger brother, however, is the complete opposite. He doesn’t know anything about girls. Since puberty hit, he’s been interested in girls but doesn’t know how to get to first base. Its a Saturday night and I notice my younger brother getting ready at home. Our parents are out vacationing out of the country for the next week or so. He admits that he’s sexual frustrated, but needs experience to get laid but is still a virgin. I am shocked to hear that my younger brother is still a virgin. I tell him that he’s a hot stud that should be taking girls left and right. After a little while longer, I begin to realize how sexually attracted I am to him. I tell him that its his lucky night, because I am his big sister am going to teach him everything i know. He is freaked out by all of this, but then gets horny when he sees me strip. He gawks at my sexy, naked body.My younger brother fumbles like a love-sick puppy on how amazing my body is. Im surprised that my younger brother doesn’t blow his wad right away. Apparently he jacks off so much so can hold off his orgasm for a while. This is very exciting, You are so lucky to have a experienced girl to teach you,This will be my little brothers ultimate tonight. Ill help him bring this girl home tonight since our folks are gone. But if he doesn’t score, I can be his booty call tonight.. and any night he wants.

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