Danielle Maye – Loving Loser

Danielle Maye - Loving Loser

Wow, you’re home along again, in your basement, in the dark, JERKING it to our clips. God you are so fucking PATHETIC! You see, you’re a fucking loser who will ALWAYS be alone- ALWAYS. In fact, THIS CLIP is the closest you’ll EVER get to Our perfect asses. Actually, this clip is probably the closest you’ll ever get to ANY ass in your entire life! LOL!We want you to literally shout out loud how much you HATE your life. Say it out loud, you fucking loser! Tell us how much you hate your stupid fucking life. We know you hate your life so much that asses like ours will easily make you do ANYTHING!In fact, our asses could even convince you to lay down on the ground and eat our shit off the fucking floor if we told you to, wouldn’t it?! We actually want you to BEG to eat our GODDESS shit. It will entertain usBEG us for it, bitch!Hungry? Want some food? Well its either this or starvation for YOU, shit-eater

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