Danielle Maye – Neighbour’s Husband Gets Fucked

Danielle Maye - Neighbour's Husband Gets Fucked

My idea is for a home-wrecker role play type videoYou are my neighbour & I come over to ask you to turn your music down as you are getting ready to go out for the night. You invite me in wearing a dress with long socks & heels. Tease me about how good you look in the outfit & how much better than my wife you are. You offer me a deal that you will turn off the music if I admit that I fancy you and agree to jerk off for you. Then start giving me a strip tease show to seal the deal (leaving socks & heels on please). Admit that it was your plan all along to get me here and that you knew how much I wanted you & that I can’t get enough of your legs. Is it possible to do a virtual sex type thing? Or just playing if not. At the end you reveal that you are willing to keep this secret but I will be seeing a lot more of you & to bring my credit card. Can you blow a kiss too. Thanks & can’t wait to see it now!

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