Danielle Maye – School Girl Domination

Danielle Maye - School Girl Domination

Schoolgirl Danielle is faces a dilemma. Caught cheating by her strict teacher, does she lie and deny copying her coursework or confess and hope for leniency. She faces suspension, her parents being told and losing her place at Uni. Unsure what to say she is relieved to hear he hasn’t yet told anyone else about her indiscretion. Since Dani suspects he’s a perv she buys time telling him he is her favourite teacher. Dani takes the opportunity to remove her smart blazer and loosens her tie. Smiling and pushing back her hair she explains there is no need to involve anyone else with this rather trivial matter. Dani’s light tone and charismatic smile catches him off guard. Dani wriggles in that way; only schoolgirls can, so her skirt magically rides up becoming shorter. She sits back so he can see her panties. Unabashed she continues that her coursework is really good and deserves a high grade A. Her legs fidget such that he can hardly drag his eyes from her sexy underwear.

It is his office and he is the teacher but Dani knows she is in control of the situation. She takes off her tie and unbuttons her smart blouse. Dani tells him he knows her work is worth the top grade and he must award it full marks. Her pert cleavage looks fantastic in her designer bra as she loosens her blouse. Dani smiles radiantly as he mumbles yes of course full marks. Dani is pleased he is now being so reasonable but she must ensure he remains compliant. Dani opens her school bag and takes an item of her gym clothing, her spare sexy panties. She teases how he wants them, her dirty knickers. She taunts how he likes to sneak a peek down the back of girls in class to glimpse a flash of their knickers. She knows he is a panty pervert. Dani persuades him to take them and wrap them around his face to breathe through the fabric. Dani giggles and mischievously suggests this is why he became a teacher. Dani instructs him to pull out his cock out to wank for her. She pushes down her bra so her vibrant tits spring into view. Dani looks delicious with her huge tits as she starts to rub her own sexy panties. She has little difficulty persuading him to start jerking. Dani smirks he is her panty slave who will do anything for her knickers.

Dani ensures his clear view of her panties as she caresses her tits. Giggling Dani records her teacher masturbating with panties on his head. Dani rubs her clit and tells him that he’s going to complete her next assignment to make certain she gets the top grade. Dani temptingly suggests she’ll let him have her polka dot panties when her she gets her final result. Dani excitedly rubs herself as she gloats how he will do anything for her. Dani takes the opportunity to belittle him. At Parents Evening he’ll be wearing a pair of Dani’s panties and will say anything she wants. As Dani counts him down she emphasizes her power and control over him. He is now her bitch and must remember that. He is a pervert, her slave. He will lie, cheat and steal for her panties. He will betray his professional ethics to have her knickers, to feel the fabric to rub against his hard throbbing cock. Dani grins being a schoolgirl dominatrix is easier than study and hard work.

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