Danielle Maye – Tiny Dicks Disgust Me

Danielle Maye - Tiny Dicks Disgust Me

Have you ever looked at the size of your dick and felt like your hugely under average? I bet you have I bet you have a tiny cock! and whats really pathetic is that you love having a tiny cock because it makes beautiful women like myself laugh at you, that’s right publicly humiliate you because your dick is that pathetic and small you would have to beg and pay me to even look at a picture of it. This video is me telling you exactly what i think of you and your pathetic excuse for a penis, how you’ll never satisfy or even get a women close to orgasm, they only pleasure you’ll ever be able to give me with that cock is huge amounts of laughter with all of my other beautiful model friends, as we tease and taunt you about your tiny little maggot cock!

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