Danielle Maye – Witch-in-Law Strikes Again

Danielle Maye - Witch-in-Law Strikes Again

So my stupid brother in law is back for more, silly silly boy. has he not learnt by now not to mesS with me? Don’t you remember from the last time what happened when you messed with me. We had a lot of fun didn’t we turning you into all those different animals, , pig, donkey, chicken, monkey, you played each part so well! not unless you want that to happen again i suggest you disapPear back to that vile ugly sister of mine.

Bitch… Bitch you call me oh no no no i am a WITCH remember no FREEZE! hmm what to do with you this time? well it is my ugly sisters birthday soon and i do really love her so why don’t we make her a birthday present, i think she would love a video of you bewitched by me. what an excellent idea.. lets show her all your tricks. are you ready you may as well get on all fours now my ugly step brother hahaha.

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