Divine Goddess Jessica – Caged Sock Slave

Divine Goddess Jessica - Caged Sock Slave

After being out all night with the girls I come home to give my weary feet a rest. You watch me glide into the room and remove my boots, taunting you in your cage. You know you are worthless scum and you belong in that cage! Since you have nothing else to jerk off to while you sit alone, bored out of your mind in my room all day with absolutely no stimulation, it only takes the slightest bit of convincing to make you develop a new fetish. If I tease you with my feet and socks, I bet you’ll get a foot fetish! You have no porn to jerk off to, so get used to stroking to my sweaty socks, it’s all I’m offering you and masturbating is your sole form of entertainment these days. Beggars can’t be choosers…

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