Divine Goddess Jessica – Enhancing Your Addiction

Divine Goddess Jessica - Enhancing Your Addiction

“Performance Enhancing Drugs, a lecture and practicum by the internet’s premier sexual psychotherapist. Today I’ll be discussing the use of substances to elevate performance in your #1 hobby, serving me. Drugs lubricate the brain and body’s systems that make you subservient, therefore you should apply them liberally. I’ll start with a brief history of addiction, reflecting on it’s role in human evolution and the consequences that has for the modern day brain. Next I’ll explain each drug, it’s effects and how this benefits us both. After giving you an intermission to partake in your drug(s) of choice, I’ll lead you into a masturbation journey. I’m so happy to be growing and enhancing addictions, delighting in the strength of the neural bridge between your pleasure and ME.”

This is a JOI video. Goddess Jessica sitting on a couch, wearing black pants, a black top and a black blazer. She talks about different drugs and their potential uses for turning you into her slave, she wants you to masturbate for her. She orders you to use some of those drugs, for brain-conditioning. At the end of the video she forces to jerk-off faster. She stands up, removes her blazer, and turns around, bending over a little. She teases with her ass, giving a 10-second cum countdown, demanding you to finish on it.

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