Divine Goddess Jessica – Foot Freak Fuck Up

Divine Goddess Jessica - Foot Freak Fuck Up

One of my slaves is girl crazy… but he’s not getting any girls. He’s got a fianc, a “side chick” and a dominatrix. Do you really think he’s getting laid by ANY of them? Naaaa. The fianc doesn’t care about him, the side chick just teases him with her feet and leaves him with blue balls, and I’m here to verbally degrade him. I’ve instructed him to watch this clip when his fianc is out of town and right after the side chick leaves him with blue balls. When all the women in his life have abandoned his dick, I’ll be here to tell him how to stroke it. He’ll be all sorts of wasted and I’ll have him sniffing on top of that. He’s a loser, he’ll always be a nobody. To add insult to injury, I wear a super hot outfit but I don’t let him see, all I offer is my wrinkled soles! Just wait until future wife finds out about the email he’s sent me!

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