Eat It Without Thought Or Hesitation – Mindless Obedience

Eat It Without Thought Or Hesitation - Mindless Obedience

Lady Fyre You love how weak I make you feel. Every time you hear my voice you feel weak in the knees. You feel submissive. Relax, listen to my voice, and allow the beauty of my body to hyp n0 t!ze you. You can stroke to me, but you must obey. Your subconscious mind recognizes my voice and you immediately start to fall deep for me and open yourself to my words. Staring at my body, stroking to my curves, allowing yourself to go under for me. Obedience to my words will make you feel so good, it will bring to you that feeling of bliss that comes only with complete submission. Open your subconscious mind to me and let my voice inside. Stroke and turn your mind over to me. Stroking and allowing the movement of your hand and the increasing pleasure that you feel to carry you into a trance. You feel it. You feel me infiltrating your mind and it feels so good. Only complete obedience to me will make you feel the way that you want to feel right now. Edge yourself closer to orgasm and begin to think about that thing youve wanted to try but have been too afraid. Youve gotten so close to eating your own cum. I know it consumes your thoughts. And now, knowing how good you feel being obedient to me, you know how easy it will be this time. Its so, so easy, so simple, all you have to do is obey, and obedience comes naturally to you now in this hyp n0 t!c state where only my voice matters. Any doubts or worries from the past are silenced in your mind. You cant hear them, you cant think those thoughts, all you can think about is obedience. Stroking faster now, allowing the pleasure and excitement to build knowing that youre getting so close to the edge. Now hold one hand out in front of your cock and prepare to catch your cum in it. Feel your subconscious mind completely open to me, completely obedient to my voice. You have no choice but to obey. Cum into your hand and catch it all and then without a thought, without hesitation lifting your hand to your mouth and lick, lick up your own cum and swallow it. You mindlessly obey. It feels and tastes so good. I have fulfilled you, you have finally eaten your own cum, something youve craved for so long and now you owe that pleasure, that fulfillment to me.

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