Ebony Goddess Tierra: I can’t stop

Ebony Goddess Tierra: I can't stop

I love getting funny little emails from addicts trying to “escape” the power I have over them. Take this email for example, “please stop making this videos….I feel like im being by you……im not even kidding.its like every few days im getting like…..robbed by you or something. its becoming frustrating please stop. Im not even this pathetic guy whom you always being referred to in your videos. I actually get lots of girls and am not a loser at all.im a weight lifter that’s 245 and loves going out. But your videos r so hot I just cant take it…….your ridiculous u want me to buy you things please stop it s expenisve I just got back from blowing a load of money in atkantic city.And now im buying clips.I don’t knoow what else to say just have some decency and leave me alone I don’t know what to do!!!!” Sounds like someones in complete denial of what they have become haha. Here’s my response to your little email. I cant STOP toying with & torturing, you addicted clip craving addicts! Its to late you have become completely obsessed with me and its never going to end. You bought your first clip and now you just cant stop jerking to me. You need my teasing and control. You love when I shred your dignity and put you in place. Your mine and NO I’M NOT GOING TO STOP! Im just getting started 🙂

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