Electra Morgan – Your Best Friend

Electra Morgan - Your Best Friend

You arrive home to see your wife relaxing on your marital bed in HOT, SEXY lingerie. Your eyes light up, it’s been an extremely long time since you have had any kind of sexual interaction. As you rush in, excited and instantly horny your wife explains she has bad news, well good news for her but bad for you. You are instantly flaccid.

She skirts around the subject, finding it hard to breaks the news. You’re anxious and beg that your wife just tells you. You are gobsmacked, wide-mouthed at the news. Whilst you have been away on work your wife has been fucking your best friend! You are dumbfounded, You havent been intimate with your wife for years but you just thought this was what married life was like but your wife turns all bashful and bitchy. She begins to tell you more, how you have NEVER satisfied her, how all women deserve BIG dick and yours is a disgrace. So tiny, pathetic and useless but your dad, he has a BIG, THICK MEATY cock which she cannot get enough of.

Things are going to change and you have only one option and that is to ACCEPT your new life as a cuckold to your wife and your best friend.


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