Electra94 – JOI for my brother

Electra94 - JOI for my brother

You tell me that you’ve noticed how much I stare at your body now that you are pregnant and talk about how horny you’ve been recently. You start playing with your tits so you leak milk onto your top. You then tell me to get my dick out while you start stripping off. Then for the rest of the video can you be showing off your pregnant body, all while giving jerk off encouragement. Talking about how my cock is reacting to what you are doing and saying how much would love to fuck me but can’t. Telling me all the things you’d like me to do to you (“fuck my my big milky tits”, “fuck your little sisters pregnant cunt”, “I want to stretch my tight little asshole with my brothers cock” etc). You can just go with the flow and ad-lib a lot of it though, those are just some examples. The last minute can you be begging me to cum on your belly.

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