Electra94 – JOI

Electra94 - JOI

“You know, it’s been a few months since we fooled around at summer camp. That last night was so amazing and I really love what you gave me to remember that night” You lift your shirt (up over your bra as well) and gently caress your belly. “That’s your baby growing inside me. I’m getting so big now. I’ve heard when you’re young like me it’s better if your belly gets really big when you’re pregnant. I think I’m so big because, well because it’s not just one baby…..I’m carrying triplets” You can tell I’m shocked, but VERY aroused by the idea. You sit to the side showing me your big belly then stand up and start to grin and showoff your bump a little more to get me good and hard then sit back down on the bed. “You like the idea of my belly swollen with your babies don’t you. I do too. I love knowing your babies are growing inside of me. But there’s something else I want growing inside of me right now. You can tell I want something else, so you plead an offer. “Look I know you love it when I suck your cock, but I really want it inside of me, inside of my big pregnant belly. Don’t you want to feel your cock inside this pregnant girl’s huge belly? I would make it feel SOOO good you’d have no choice but to pump a huge load into my womb. Okay I tell you what, I’ll swallow one more time, but the rest goes in my belly okay?” Still sitting on the bed, You lean forward here pretending to suck me off giving me a good view of you cleavage and belly. You gently stroke your belly for a few seconds then are surprised with an enormous and delicious load that you can’t help but swallow all of it. With your head still off camera, you slowly and seductively say the words “Gulp…. Gulp…. Gulp…. Gulp…. Gulp…. ” You sit back down on the bed feeling your belly in amazement surprised that you got me to make you swallow that much. “Oh my god Wow….My stomach is so full of your cum right now, like i don’t even know how you could give me that much…….I can’t believe how much cum I just swallowed, and I know there’s more where that came from, now it’s my turn. (new scene) Camera is on the floor and you’re “on top of me” POV style You slowly confidently maneuver your body on top of me making sure I stay nice and hard inside you. “Now give me what I want, Pump even more cum into my big belly” You start moving faster and faster and then you feel it and sit down hard pushing your hands against your belly making sure it all goes deep inside. You moan as you feel yourself flooded with an enormous load. Suddenly your eyes get wide and you gasp as you feel your belly growing even bigger under your hands. You look down at your belly still in shock then look back at me. “I think I feel another baby growing inside me”you say astonished……

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