Erotic Goddess Christina – Change In Management

Erotic Goddess Christina - Change In Management

You want to talk to me about my recent review. Before we get started just let me say a couple of things. You had wrote that over the past year I’ve been coming in less and less, calling out of work, spending time in my office on the phone with friends, and shopping online. There have been rumors that the company will be laying people off this week. I’m going to be frank with you boss. I need a really good review because I like this job and I’m good at it. Lets be real. You would miss me way too much. I know the way that you look at me every time I walk in that door. I also know that you and your girlfriend have been on the rocks. That’s just too bad. You probably need some form of release at this point don’t you? So I was thinking that there’s going to be some changes in our business relationship. More like a change in management. I want more responsibility and I want to work more closely with you on a regular basis. You can let go of all that control that your job requires of you and give it to me. I don’t mind. The truth is you don’t have a choice.

Fetishes: Office Domination, Homewrecker, Adult Role Play, Office Fantasy, Office Tease, Bratty, Bratty Goddess, Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom POV, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Strip Tease, Redhead, Redhead Goddess”

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