Erotic Goddess Christina – Denied For My Pleasure

Erotic Goddess Christina - Denied For My Pleasure

Goddess Christina says:
“You love when I tell you to stroke for me. You gladly pull out that dick or take off your clothes and jerk until your hearts content. Its so easy for you follow those directions when its what you want to do. Isnt it? But what about doing anything I want you to do? Would anything be easy for you? I have cruel side of me. One in which I get pleasure from seeing you squirm. From making you beg. Seeing your cock drip – where that cum wants to escape so bad- wants to explode – but it hasnt. I love seeing that cock right there – on the edge literally throbbing and aching for release – but it doesnt because it awaits my command.

I know it takes discipline for you obey me in such a way and thats why I enjoy it so much – because you have to work for it. It makes you focus on me. Unable to stop thinking of me. I want your balls so blue and full of cum that you cant think of anything else. Ill keep you in that constant state of denial and arousal so you submit yourself fully to my control. So deep under my spell that you cant break away…”

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