Erotic Goddess Christina – Losing Yourself

Erotic Goddess Christina - Losing Yourself

Goddess Christina says: “Youre here to worship – worship your Goddess. Youre going to adore me from head to toe. That thought excites you doesnt it? Pay attention to my words and my body as your cock grows. Its getting harder and harder. You want to touch it dont you? Go ahead – stroke that dick for me. You cant resist anyways – not unless I specifically command you to take your hands off. Then you dont have a choice. You know that you have to obey – and thats exactly what youre going to do – but right now youre just going to focus on massaging that dick as you worship.

It feels so good and so right to stroke to me. Youre blown away at how sexy I am. You look at me and wonder how someone could be so gorgeous. How someone could have so much control over your mind, your body, and your dick. That fact alone makes you want to worship me more and more. Let your mind go wherever I tell it to. Let your body respond to my commands. I control you. Do you understand? I control all of you. Right now. Youve fallen for me. Youve fallen into my trap. Youre mesmerized by me. Youre losing yourself…”

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