Erotic Goddess Christina – My Naked Body

Erotic Goddess Christina - My Naked Body

You have this need to touch yourself. Even the simple thought of my naked body increases that urge. Now the view – thats a different story. The view of my body sets you into immediate action. All of your control is gone. Your thoughts turn to one thing- needing pleasure – needing to touch yourself.

You crave my naked body. Even just a glimpse is enough to make you explode. My big beautiful breasts, my perfect tight pink lips, my sexy bare ass… How much teasing can you handle? Youre going to rub your cock. No jerking, just gently rubbing it with the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand. You cant wrap your hand around. Only caressing it gently. I know this is hard for you. I want you suffer for me. I love having this power over you and making you do what I want. I enjoy making you horny and then denying you. You need the discipline.

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