Erotic Goddess Christina – Too Bad We’re Just Friends

Erotic Goddess Christina - Too Bad We're Just Friends

You walk through the door after a day out of shopping wearing one of the sexy pair of shorts I purchased for the clip along with some sexy heels. I comment on your outfit and how slutty it looks and you reply, “Don’t act surprised – you know I love teasing those cocks when I go out.” Continue to talk about all the dicks you were getting hard today, everywhere you went you had guys all over you. When you would walk around, all the boys were just following you around so they could get a nice long look at that tight ass of yours in motion. It’s just the perfect ass isn’t it. Are you jealous? Well I have something sexy to wear for tonight’s costume party that I’m going to. How about I tease that cock of yours really good and show off what I’ll be wearing.

Then put on the schoolgirl outfit along with the stockings with the bows. Walk back into view wearing the new schoolgirl outfit. Talk about every part of the outfit. The skirt, the stockings with the cute bows, the fuck me heels and how hot you look in it and how naughty your gonna be tonight. Please also say things like, I know you’ve wanted to fuck me in this outfit for so long haven’t you. How bad do you wanna fuck me? What would you do to me? You would want to do so many naughty things to me wouldn’t you? But we’re just friends, you can’t fuck me. But I promise I’ll tease that cock really good. Pull out that cock and beat it to me! It’s gotta be so hard for you to see me wearing all these slutty outfits all the time. This outfit on me is so sexy huh? You just love my legs in heels. Talk a little about the party you’re going to and how you wanna get fucked tonight.

Fetishes: Cock Tease, Tease & Denial, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Schoolgirl Outfit, Roleplay, High Heels Fetish, Costume Fetish”

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