Erotic Goddess Christina – Virtual Chastity Programming

Erotic Goddess Christina - Virtual Chastity Programming

Redhead dominatrix/humiliatrix/findom specialist Erotic Goddess Christina mindfucks you to do her bidding in her POV style Femdom clips. She is always gorgeous as she wears black thong panties, black bra, high heels and a shiny metallic blue spandex mini-dress with a front zipper that shows off her ample cleavage, large tits, perfect legs, and her spectacular unbelievably round firm ass. Her beauty and demanding yet sweet voice and teasing yet domineering manner will mesmerize you until you are on your knees worshiping this young sexy Domme. No Sex. No nudity. Subliminal music effects.

Goddess Christina says:
“This is your virtual chastity slave training. You are being re-programmed. You’ve given up your control. I’ve taken it. You don’t think anymore. You just do. As you watch me and listen – relax – relax as you open your subconscious mind to me. Hear me inside of you. Feel my power and my hold on you. You cant resist me. Every part of you wants me right there. You want me in your mind. You want to experience the sensation of me controlling your body. Controlling your pain – your pleasure. Allowing you to feel. To feel what I want you to.

You are not permitted to make decisions for yourself any longer. You will no longer feel pain nor pleasure without my command. Do you know what that means? You are mindless until I fill your thoughts and aid your senses. You will no longer experience release without my order to. Youre being programmed to hear my words, see my face, and obey my commands.

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