Evelyn Milano – Average is SMALL

Evelyn Milano - Average is SMALL

In this POV style ‘Small Penis Humiliation’ clip Domme Evelyn is wearing a black leather corset and shiny bright blue spandex leggings. She humiliates you verbally and teases you about your penis while you stare and drool at her beauty. No Nudity. No Sex.

“Evelyn Milano – Humiliation Domme: the Elite Dominant minx you can’t get enough of. Financial Domination & Humiliation is my speciality. I make you my play-toy, empty your wallet, and humiliate you all while mind-fucking you. I leave you craving more, it’s a vicious never-ending cycle.

News flash!!!!!!!!!! AVERAGE IS SMALL! Yes, I’m calling you out small dick loser! You think your 4 or 5 inch dick is average, normal. No, that’s fucking tiny! Who wants a 5 inch penis? Clearly you’ve never seen a real cock, you know.. 8, 9 inches.. very thick, has to work its way in slowly. Why don’t you go get an empty toilet paper roll, can you see your dick coming out the end? Maybe just a little bit? Yeah, that means its small, a shrimp dick. I only crave the huge cock and your average cock, IS SMALL! .MP4 FORMAT”

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