Evelyn Milano – Blackmail Control

Evelyn Milano - Blackmail Control

In this POV style ‘Blackmail Fantasy Findom’ clip. Domme Evelyn is wearing a shiny top and jean shorts. She strips down to her lingerie. You will become her blackmail slave if you follow her instructions in this clip and send her all your private information. No Nudity. No Sex.

“Evelyn Milano – Humiliation Domme: the Elite Dominant minx you can’t get enough of. Financial Domination & Humiliation is my speciality. I make you my play-toy, empty your wallet, and humiliate you all while mind-fucking you. I leave you craving more, it’s a vicious never-ending cycle.

You’ve always fantasized about being blackmailed by me. Let’s make that dream a reality shall we? I take this very seriously, so consider yourself warned! you want to give up control of your life to me, and with each article of clothing I remove.. you will feel the need to do anything I ask of you. After all, give a little and then take a little right?”

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