Evelyn Milano – I Always Win

Evelyn Milano - I Always Win

In this POV style ‘Financial Domination Humiliation’ clip Domme Evelyn is wearing a shiny gold spandex mini dress that shows off her hot tits and big ass. She will mindfuck you to delete all the video clips of her you have and buy them all over again. No Nudity. No Sex.

“Evelyn Milano – Humiliation Domme: the Elite Dominant minx you can’t get enough of. Financial Domination & Humiliation is my speciality. I make you my play-toy, empty your wallet, and humiliate you all while mind-fucking you. I leave you craving more, it’s a vicious never-ending cycle.

I love how some of you losers disappear for a few weeks or months, only to come back and confess you tried to quit buying my videos and calling me and that it didn’t work. Of course it didn’t work, did you really think you could quit ME? It’s never THAT easy. you’ll always come back, there’s no point in trying to quit. I dare you to try to quit, go ahead.. delete every single clip and picture of me on your computer. Lets see how long you’ll last!”

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